Why You Need An Audit Trail

Imagine if a representative from your bank called you, and said, “Sir/Ma’am, for the next three days our system to audit account activity will be down, and we will be unable to track activity on your bank account. There will be no information on withdrawals or deposits available. Tracking will resume in three days. Would you like us to put a lock on your account so no one can withdraw funds until our auditing system is back up?” You’d probably say, “Yes, lock my account!” And you’d make plans to stop using that bank.

One of our predictions for 2012 was that organizations would start to consider access auditing mandatory—if you can’t audit who is using the asset and how they are using it, the asset is at risk. In honor of our prediction and the increasing importance of auditing access, we’ve created a new video about why auditing file system and email activity is important.

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