[White paper] 3 Ways Varonis Enhances Data Loss Prevention

[White paper] 3 Ways Varonis Enhances Data Loss Prevention

Those who have tried data loss prevention (DLP) to limit the loss of intellectual property, healthcare data, financial data, and personally identifiable information typically don’t move beyond the beginning stages of discovering and monitoring data flows.

In a recent DLP poll, Gartner analyst Anton Chuvakin found that two-thirds of poll participants were skeptical, believing that DLP “just cannot work”, “sort of, but too inefficient”, or “works only against unsophisticated threats”.

What could be the problem? Lack of actionable intelligence is one reason. After implementing DLP, an admin could have tens of thousands of “alerts” about sensitive files. Where do you begin? How do you prioritize?

That’s not the only reason.

To understand why DLP is not enough, you’ll want to read our white paper. We also highlight why context is a key factor in enterprise data security and share three ways you can enhance DLP with Varonis.


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