[Video] Varonis GDPR Risk Assessment   

risk assessment video

Are you ready for GDPR ? According to our survey of 500 IT and risk management decision makers, three out of four are facing serious challenges in achieving compliance when GDPR becomes effective on May 25 2018. Varonis can help.

A good first step in preparing for GDPR is identifying where EU personal data resides in the file system, and then checking that access permissions are set appropriately. But wait, EU personal data identifiers span 28 member countries, encompassing different formats for license plate numbers, national id cards, passport ids, bank accounts, and more.

That’s where our GDPR Patterns can help ! We’ve researched and hand-crafted over 250 GDPR classification expressions to help you discover the EU personal data in your systems, and analyze your exposure.

To learn more, watch this incredibly informative video and sign up today for our GDPR Risk Assessment.


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