Top Five Podcast Episodes

Top Five Podcast Episodes

1. Sheila FitzPatrick and GDPR

We had a unique opportunity in talking with data privacy attorney Sheila FitzPatrick. She lives and breathes data security and is a recognized expert on EU and other international data protection laws. FitzPatrick has direct experience in working with and representing companies in front of EU data protection authorities (DPAs) and sits on various governmental data privacy advisory boards.


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2. Richard Wendell: Information as an Asset

The emergence of Chief Data Officers(CDO) demonstrates the growing recognition of information as an asset. In fact, Gartner says that 90% of large organizations will have a CDO by 2019.

To understand the CDO role more deeply, I turned to Richard Wendell.

I met Mr. Wendell last year at the Chief Data Officer Summit and thought his background and expertise would help us understand the critical role a CDO plays in managing an organization’s data.


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3. Dr. Ann Cavoukian: Privacy by Design

I recently had the chance to speak with former Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian about big data and privacy. Dr. Cavoukian is currently Executive Director of Ryerson University’s Privacy and Big Data Institute and is best known for her leadership in the development of Privacy by Design (PbD).

What’s more, she came up with PbD language that made its way into the GDPR, which will go into effect in 2018. First developed in the 1990s, PbD addresses the growing privacy concerns brought upon by big data and IoT devices.

Many worry about PbD’s interference with innovation and businesses, but that’s not the case.

When working with government agencies and organizations, Dr. Cavoukian’s singular approach is that big data and privacy can operate together seamlessly. At the core, her message is this: you can simultaneously collect data and protect customer privacy.


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4. Allison F. Avery: Diversity and Inclusion

Data breaches keep on happening, information security professionals are in demand more than ever. Did you know that there is currently a shortage of one million infosec pros worldwide? But the solution to this “man-power” shortage may be right in front of and around us. Many believe we can find more qualified workers by investing in Diversity & Inclusion programs.

I wanted to learn more about the benefits of a D&I program, and especially how to create a successful one. So I called Allison F. Avery, Senior Organizational Development & Diversity Excellence Specialist at NYU Langone Medical Center, to get the details from a pro.

She clarified common misconceptions about Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and offered a framework and methodology to implement D&I. She reminded me, “You should not be doing diversity for diversity sake.”


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5. Scout Brody, PhD: Design Thinking and IoT

By now, we’ve all seen the wildly popular internet of things devices flourish in pop culture, holding much promise and potential for improving our lives. One aspect that we haven’t seen are IoT devices that not connected to the internet.

In our follow-up discussion, this was the vision Simply Secure’s executive director Scout Brody advocates, as current IoT devices don’t have a strong foundation in security.

She points out that we should consider why putting a full internet stack on a new IoT device will help users as well as the benefits of bringing design thinking when creating IoT devices.


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