Top 10 PowerShell Tutorials on the Web

Top 10 PowerShell Tutorials on the Web

“I hate automation” said no sysadmin, ever.

PowerShell has become a very popular scripting solution for perpetually overworked sysadmins and other IT pros.  It can be used to automate almost any area of the Windows ecosystem, including Active Directory and Exchange.

What’s the best way to learn about this time saving tool? I scoured the internet for the latest tutorials—hmm, maybe that’s a task for PowerShell as well–and culled them down to a top ten:

Getting Started With PowerShell

  1. PowerShell for Beginners – A library of links to get started, best practices, command line syntax and more!
  2. Don Jones’ bestselling PowerShell book, Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches is also in video! After 3-4 months of lunches with the tutorial video series, you’ll be automating admin tasks faster than you ever thought possible. By the way, the author answers questions at There are numerous PowerShell resources, events, and even free ebooks!
  3. If you’re taking the MCSA 70-410 Microsoft Exam, these flashcards will help: PowerShell commands.
  4. PowerShell allows you to string multiple commands together on one line using a technique called pipelining. It makes complex things much simpler, and you can learn about it here.

Configure and Manage Active Directory

Save even more time by learning how to configure and manage Active Directory using PowerShell with these resources:

  1. Use PowerShell to Search AD for High-Privileged Accounts.
  2. Use AD module cmdlets to perform various administrative, configuration, and diagnostic tasks in your AD DS and AD LDS environments.
  3. Build an AD utility from scratch in this epic 3 hour PowerShell video course (unlock for free with code:

Automate Exchange

With all that free time you have, why not learn how to automate Exchange with these resources:

  1. An excellent video on Managing Exchange Online Using PowerShell
  2. If you’re an Exchange Admin, make sure you have these 5 skills down
  3. Click here for more PowerShell tips for Exchange Admins. Then scroll down for the good stuff.

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