There’s More to Learn About Data Migration And The Varonis DTE

For those who’ve been following along, you’ll know we’ve just beta launched our Data Transport Engine. By the way, you can sign up here to trial DTE.  For the rest of you, here’s our brief (in under 144 characters) refresher course: we have an approach to data migration that respects existing metadata, ensures security, and allows for live updates during an in-progress copy.

Obviously there’s way too much IT context around data migration to be completely covered in a few posts and videos.  So we’ve come up with a guide, for both pros and newbies alike, that explains the current state of large-scale data migrations and the risks we see in business-as-usual data administration.

We also detail how the Data Transport Engine avoids the pitfalls of legacy techniques and eliminates data outages and compromises to data integrity. The quick explanation is that DTE rests on our Metadata Framework, adding data motion and access control translation capabilities. This allows us to automate intelligent, on-the-fly data sync processes that don’t interrupt your current operations

But you’ll want to read the whole paper to learn why your current practices fall short of an idea solution and find out more about the advantages of the Varonis Data Transport Engine.

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