[Podcast] Security Pros Bring Out Their Game Face

[Podcast] Security Pros Bring Out Their Game Face


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With ransomware and data breaches driving headlines, it can feel like security pros are always one step behind. However, I recently found a few stories that I thought were worth celebrating.

Not everyone on the Inside Out Security Show panel – Mike Buckbee, Kilian Englert, and Kris Keyser – thought the stories were good news.

Nonetheless, I think that over time, as technologies mature, they do become more stable and secure. A few steps forward, a few steps back, right?

Here are some of the stories we covered. What do you think?

  • California makes ransomware a standalone crime
  • Department of Defense gets into the bug bounty business
  • ISO Vulnerability Disclosure Standard is now free
  • FTC and FCC are paying close attention to IoT
  • A few states tell you if you’ve been hacked
  • Airports leverage machine learning and big data to assist with security

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