[Podcast] Scout Brody, Ph.D. on Creating Security Systems Usable for All

[Podcast] Scout Brody, Ph.D. on Creating Security Systems Usable for All

With spring just a few short weeks away, it’s a good time to clean the bedroom windows, dust off the ceiling fans, and discard old security notions that have been taking up valuable mind space.

What do you replace those security concepts with?

How about ones that say that security systems are not binary “on-off” concepts, but instead can be seen as a gentle gradient. And where user experiences developed by researchers create security products that actually, um, work. This new world is conceived by Scout Brody, executive director of Simply Secure, a nonprofit dedicated to leveraging user interface design to make security easier and more intuitive to use.

“UX design is a critical part of any system, including security systems that are only meant to be used by highly technical expert users,” according to Brody. “ So if you have a system that helps monitor network traffic, if it’s not usable by the people who are designed to use it or it’s designed for, then it’s not actually going to help them do their jobs.”

In the first part of my interview with Scout Brody, we cover why security systems aren’t binary, the value of user interface designers, and how to cross pollinate user personas with threat models.

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