Put Data Migration on Your Fall IT To-Do List

In the US, Labor Day weekend is the traditional dividing line between end-of-summer vacations and the start of serious back-to-work initiatives. With 2012’s final quarter fast approaching, you’re no doubt adding a few discussion items for the next IT management meeting. Here’s a bullet point we think you’ll want to look into: start planning for that data migration project you’ve been postponing!

IT pros know that moving or migrating large amounts of critical corporate data is never a simple procedure if your plan includes—and it should—minimal or no disruption to current operations. Even in the simple case of replacing an aging file server with a newer model, data administrators have quite a few things to take into account.

To begin, they’ll likely want to streamline directory hierarchies and clean out stale files while maintaining the existing permission structure for their users. There’s also the job of choosing the best time slot to cutover to the new servers—which would, of course, require knowing how much time to allocate for transferring terabytes of data.

We could go on because we’re just only touching on the considerations in this base scenario. For example, if you’re archiving data for compliance reasons or transferring data between domains, you’ll have even more challenges to take into account. Have you really thought through, say, the implications of moving data and permissions between NTFS and SharePoint?

No wonder why you’ve been finding excuses to not retire old servers or perform extensive housekeeping on your company’s files.

At Varonis, we build data management solutions that focus on the data about the data—the metadata. Check back in with us tomorrow to see how our Metadata framework technology will be extended to untangle the complexity involved with planning, testing, and executing a successful migration.

So push that data migration project back to the top of list of projects you’ll want to take on this fall.  We’ll make it an easy one for you to check off.

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