[Podcast] What Does the GDPR Mean for Countries Outside the EU?

[Podcast] What Does the GDPR Mean for Countries Outside the EU?

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The short answer is: if your organization store, process or share EU citizens’ personal data, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules will apply to you.

In a recent survey, 94% ­of large American companies say they possess EU customer data that will fall under the regulations, with only 60% of respondents that have plans in place to respond to the impact the GDPR will have on how th­ey handle customer data.

Yes, GDPR isn’t light reading, but in this podcast we’ve found a way to simplify the GDPR’s key requirements so that you’ll get a high level sense of what you’ll need to do to become compliant.

We also discuss the promise and challenges of what GDPR can bring – changes to how consumers relate to data as well as how IT will manage consumer data.

After the podcast, you might want to check out the free 7-part video course we developed with Troy Hunt on the new European General Data Protection Regulation that will tell you: What are the requirements?  Who will be affected?  How does this help protect personal data?

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  • EyeOnFashion

    Interesting, but who’ll be the
    “enforcement agency and Issue Citations or Fines?”
    who’ll collect the Fines and Penalties?

    What is the purpose of laws if they’re NOT ENFORCED?
    Give me examples where ANY company have been Fined,
    Penalties Accessed and Imprisonment?

    And what Courts will the defendents have to appear
    in to pay Fines for instance, in the United States of AMERICA?

    Most people aren’t even aware of IDTheft Laws and
    believe they DON’T apply to them because they never
    heard of them!

    Most believe it’s a “scam!”

    Interesting to offer them when offering as an Voluntary
    Employee Group Benefit Compliance reducing their
    Risk of Liability at no cost to the company when
    offering what is required in AMERICA by any company
    as a mitigation plan they have a fiduciary responsibility
    to do as a requirement!

    • agreenjay

      The EU has already been pretty good at issuing fines and changing practices of US companies. Go ask Facebook, Google, etc. This GDPR now gives the EU regulator new powers and statutory fines. If you want to do business in their market, you’ll need to play by their rules. 🙂

      • EyeOnFashion

        Agreenjay, That said, how do you or ANYONE get banks to
        listen to you let alone get a meeting to discuss how one could
        help them BEFORE anything happens?

        Bankers feel like they already know the ropes so to speak
        as well as Legal Departments!

        When so many people’s lives are at stake here, EVERYONE
        should have a concern!