[Podcast] Varonis Director of Cyber Security Ofer Shezaf, Part I

[Podcast] Varonis Director of Cyber Security Ofer Shezaf, Part I

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A self-described all-around security guy, Ofer Shezaf is in charge of security standards for Varonis products. He has had a long career that includes most recently a stint at Hewlett-Packard, where he was a product manager for their SIEM software, known as ArcSight. Ofer is a graduate of Israel’s Technion University.

It’s always great to talk to Ofer on data security since his perspective is shaped by a 20-year career. He’s seen it all! In the first part of our interview, we learn how hackers have taken long-standing techniques such as SQL injection and built successful business models around their malware.

Can they be stopped? Ofer thinks we’ll first need to have new metrics and measurements describing the security of developed software. Click on the interview above to hear more about what he has to say.

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