[Podcast] The Security of Visually Impaired Self-Driving Cars

[Podcast] The Security of Visually Impaired Self-Driving Cars

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How long does it take you to tell the difference between fried chicken or poodle? What about a blueberry muffin or Chihuahua? When presented with these photos, it requires a closer look to differentiate the differences.

It turns out that self-driving car cameras have the same problem. Recently security researchers were able to confuse self-driving car cameras by adhering small stickers to a standard stop sign. What did the cameras see instead? A 45 mph speed limit sign.

The dangers are self-evident. However, the good news is that there are enough built-in sensors and cameras to act as a failsafe. But followers of our podcast know that other technologies with other known vulnerabilities might not be as lucky.

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Tool of the week: Macie, Automatically Discover, Classify, and Secure Content at Scale

Panelists: Jeff Peters, Kris Keyser, Mike Buckbee

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