[Podcast] Security Doesn’t Take a Vacation

[Podcast] Security Doesn’t Take a Vacation

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Do you keep holiday photos away from social media when you’re on vacation? Security pros advise that it’s one way to reduce your security risk. Yes, the idea of an attacker mapping out a route to steal items from your home sound ambitious. However, we’ve seen actual examples of a phishing attack as well as theft occur.

Alternatively, the panelists point out that this perspective depends on how vulnerable you might be. If attackers need an entry and believe that you’re a worthy target is vastly different from the general noise of regular social media sharers.

Other articles discussed:

Tool of the week: A Tunnel which turns UDP Traffic into Encrypted FakeTCP/UDP/ICMP Traffic 

Panelists: Mike Thompson, Forrest Temple, Mike Buckbee

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