[Podcast] Pick Up Music, Pick Up Technology

[Podcast] Pick Up Music, Pick Up Technology


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Last week, when the world experienced the largest ransomware outbreak in history, it also reminded me of our cybersecurity workforce shortage. When events like WannaCry happen, we can never have too many security heroes!

There was an idea floating around that suggested individuals with a music background might have a promising future in security. The thinking is: if you can pick up music, you can also pick up technology.

The Inside Out Security panelists – Mike Thompson, Forrest Template and Mike Buckbee – are in agreement. Their sentiments expanded to all artists and added that creative thinking along with attention to detail can go a long way.

Other articles discussed:

  • Intel Warns of Active Management Technology Vulnerability
  • Besides Netflix’s Orange is the New Black threat, hackers also helped ourselves to copies of titles from other companies
  • IoT companies keep building devices with security flaws
  • What nuclear security officers (and infosec pros) can learn from casino managers
  • IBM sends USBs with malware to customers

Tool of the week: Pi hole

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