[Podcast] No Data Left Behind

[Podcast] No Data Left Behind


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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been debating a user’s threshold for his personal data seen in the public domain. For instance, did you know that housing information has always been public information? They are gathered from county records and the internet has just made the process of gathering the information less cumbersome. However, if our personal information leaks into the public domain – due a security lapse – it’s still not as serious as, say, a breach of 2 million records. The point is that many security experts will remind us that there is no perfect security as lapses and breaches will happen.

Meanwhile, I bemoan that no data should be left behind (all data should be protected!) and discuss my concerns with this week’s Inside Out Security Show panel – Mike Buckbee, Kilian Englert and Forrest Temple.

Additional articles we discussed:

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