[Podcast] Manifesting Chaos or a Security Risk?

[Podcast] Manifesting Chaos or a Security Risk?


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Regular listeners of the Inside Out Security podcast know that our panelists can’t agree on much. Well, when bold allegations that IT is the most problematic department in an organization can be, ahem, controversial.

But whether you love or hate IT, we can’t deny that technology has made significant contributions to our lives. For instance, grocery stores are now using a system, order-to-shelf, to reduce food waste. There are apps to help drivers find alternate routes if they’re faced with a crowded freeway. Both examples are wonderful use cases, but also have had unforeseen side effects.

Even though profits are up, empty aisles at grocery stores are frustrating shoppers as well as employees. Quiet neighborhoods that became alternate routes are experiencing traffic due to a new influx of drivers as well as noise pollution.

When there are unforeseen consequences from a technological improvement, are we manifesting chaos or a security risk?

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Tool of the week: Pown Proxy

Panelists: Kilian Englert, Mike Buckbee, Matt Radolec

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