[Podcast] Deleting a File Is More than Placing It into the Trash

[Podcast] Deleting a File Is More than Placing It into the Trash

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When we delete a file, our computer’s user interface makes the file disappear as if it is just a simple drag and drop. The reality is that the file is still in your hard drive.

In this episode of the Inside Out Security Show, our panelists elaborate on the complexities of deleting a file, the lengths IT pros go through to obliterate a file, and surprising places your files might reside.

Kris Keyser explains, “When you’re deleting a file, you’re not necessarily deleting a file. You’re deleting the reference to that file.”

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Instead of “Tool of the Week”, we learned about a coveted certification from a Blackhat attendee: Offensive Security Certified Professional. It is a 24-hour lab test to demonstrate your understanding of identifying vulnerabilities, pen testing, etc.

Panelists: Kris Keyser, Jeff Peters, Forrest Temple

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