Understanding eDiscovery and Legal Tech With Bennett Borden


Order in the court! We’ve been recently exploring the world of legal tech on the blog. As we learned from our guide, attorney and data scientist Bennett Borden, it’s now more than just electronic discovery. Legal tech has been expanding its use of data science techniques to include verifying corporate valuations based on file content, […]

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Medical App Wearables and HIPAA: New Guidelines Clear Up the Confusion


We’ve written a few posts about some of the privacy issues consumers face when interacting with their favorite health monitoring wearable or medical appware. If you’re comfortable with personal and possibly very sensitive data ending up with third-parties, then by all means. Sure, there are real benefits with medical sensors collecting data about your every […]

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Podcast Episode #3 – DROWN Attack

In this episode we talk about how the DROWN attack works. Links from the show: Snapchat Employee Data Leaks Out Following Phishing Attack: Snapchat Employee Data Leaks Out Following Phishing Attack 7 high profile firms hit by this phishing scam in 2 months: http://www.csoonline.com/article/3040626/security/three-more-firms-hit-by-targeted-phishing-attacks-seeking-w2-data.html Tesla hack: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2016/03/09/a-hacker-just-leaked-elon-musks-next-big-upgrade-for-the-tesla-model-s/ Runa Sandvik joining the NY Times as the Director […]

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Varonis Continues to Win Recognition for Leadership in User Behavior Analytics


Today we’re proud to announce that our DatAlert solution has been recognized as a Gold winner of the Info Security Product Guide’s 2016 Global Excellence Awards® in the User Behavior Analytics (UBA) category. More than 50 judges from a broad spectrum of industry voices from around the world participated in the Info Security awards, and […]

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With KeRanger, Mac Users Are No Longer Immune to Ransomware Threats


Cybercriminals who previously targeted Windows operating systems with ransomware have expanded their customer base to include the Mac OS. Known as KeRanger, it’s the first ransomware variant detected that infects Mac users. Unlike the usual methods of entry, such as phish email, KeRanger victims were instead infected through Transmission, a peer-to-peer file transfer program. Transmission […]

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Our Interview With Attorney and Data Scientist Bennett Borden [TRANSCRIPT]


We really enjoyed our talk with Bennett Borden a few weeks ago and hope you had a chance to listen to the podcasts. Since there was so much information being dispensed—Bennett is a high-bandwidth person—we thought it would be helpful to turn this into a transcript as well. In reading this over, I think there […]

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Penetration Testing Explained, Part VII: Exfiltration and Conclusions


In this series of posts, I covered ideas to get you started using basic testing software to find security vulnerabilities. There are more advanced tools, such as Metasploit, which lets you speedily try different hacking scenarios, but many of its principles are based on what I’ve already written about. In short: you can get a […]

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New Survey Places Varonis among Readers’ Top Choices for Data Loss Prevention

Varonis was recently named a “Readers’ Top Five” pick for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions in a newly released survey of nearly 5,000 TechTarget readers. The survey respondents are IT and security professionals who are attempting to protect their organizations from the onslaught of data breaches, meet compliance and audit requirements, and protect intellectual property. […]

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Varonis Honored by Cyber Defense Magazine as Most Innovative Insider Threat Detection Solution, Hot Company in User Behavior Analytics


We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been recognized by Cyber Defense Magazine, the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine and media partner of the RSA® Conference 2016, in the following two award categories: Varonis DatAdvantage was named the “Most Innovative Insider Threat Detection Solution” Varonis DatAdvantage with DatAlert the “Hot Company in User Behavior Analytics […]

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The DROWN Attack


First Heartbleed, then Poodle, now DROWN. Yet another SSL vulnerability. Here’s what you need to know. With DROWN, a rather significant portion of the web (mail servers, VPNs, etc.) are open to an attack that, while tricky to execute, can decrypt a securely encrypted TLS connection. Researchers estimate more than 3.5 million HTTPS servers are […]

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