PowerShell Tool Roundup


Updated: 9/24/2016 A hand-curated list of 70 tools to power up your workflow. Editors Ultimate PowerShell Prompt Customization and Git Setup Guide Let’s spend a little time installing ConEmu and Git, then customizing our prompt for maximum utility. Oh-My-Posh Powershell amazingness inspired on Oh-My-Zsh, pshazz, fish platyPS Write PowerShell External Help in Markdown posh-hg posh-hg […]

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Chief Data Officer Richard Wendell: Information as an Asset (Part 1)


The emergence of Chief Data Officers(CDO) demonstrates the growing recognition of information as an asset. In fact, Gartner says that 90% of large organizations will have a CDO by 2019. To understand the CDO role more deeply, I turned to Richard Wendell. I met Mr. Wendell last year at the Chief Data Officer Summit and […]

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Go Open Source! – IOSS 20


Whether you’re a proponent of open-source or proprietary software, there’s no doubt that the promise of open-source is exciting for many. For one thing, it’s mostly free. It’s built and maintained by passionate developers who can easily “look under the hood”. The best part is that you’re not married to the vendor. Yes, there are many helpful […]

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Malware Coding Lessons for IT People, Part II: Fun With FUD Ransomware!


Let’s not overthink ransomware! It’s just a small malicious piece of code with one devious goal — encrypting all of the user’s important files. It the unfortunate victim wants to recover them he or she will have to pay a hefty amount to retrieve the decryption key. How hard is ransomware? In this post, I’ll […]

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Security Disconnect Between End Users and IT: Ponemon Institute Study


Varonis released the second part of a study about data protection and enterprise security with the Ponemon Research institute: The Widening Gap Between End Users and IT.  It compares end-user practices and beliefs with those of their colleagues in IT security and IT generalist roles. This new analysis draws from the same data released by […]

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Moods and Motives of a Smooth Criminal – IOSS 19


After reading about an IT admin at large bank who went rogue, we put on our empathy hats to understand why. And in this episode, we came up with three reasons: Instead of being recognized as a revenue generator, IT is seen as a cost center Despite all the tests and certificates,  IT people aren’t as […]

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Top 10 Chief Data Officers to Follow on Twitter


Over the past couple of years, Chief Data Officers have evolved into a C-suite staple. Why? Whether the CIOs are overwhelmed with IT demands, or organizations are recognizing the value in their data, CDOs have a key role to play in data governance initiatives. A CDO’s mission is “to bring order to the plethora of data sources within […]

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Let’s Get More Serious About AR and Privacy


Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology of the moment. While some of us have already experienced the thrill of catching a Dragonite in Pokemon Go, AR is not just all fun and games. In fact, depending on how an AR gadget is used, it can have significant privacy implications.

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American Health Insurance Plans Stay Secure With Varonis


For any organization in the health insurance industry, security is a top priority. American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) understood the need to enforce security within its organizations in order to stay safe from insider threats. That’s when extensive search led to the implementation of Varonis Data Transport Engine, DatAdvantage, and DatAlert. AHIP was formed in […]

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Excellent Adventures at Black Hat – IOSS 18

black hat

Hackers, Executives, Military Folks, IT People who work in Insurance, even Cab Drivers all had something to teach us about security and privacy at the latest Black Hat event in Vegas.

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EU GDPR Spotlight: 72-Hour Breach Notification Rule


One of biggest and more controversial changes in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the requirement for companies to report breaches of consumer personal data.  Fortunately, we recently had the chance to talk with an expert on GDPR compliance to find out some of the subtler details. “Likely to Affect” The first key […]

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