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Lets be clear: this is for IT people. Not because IT people are better looking and drive cooler cars than the general populace (which is true: most IT departments look like extras from the set of The Fast and Furious), but because unless you're familiar with things like the dark blackness that grips your soul when you discover that two NICs have the same MAC address on your network - you probably aren't going to appreciate this at all.

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[Podcast] Attorney and Data Scientist Bennett Borden: Data Analysis Techniques (Part 1)

Once we heard Bennett Borden, a partner at the Washington law firm of DrinkerBiddle, speak at the CDO Summit about data science, privacy, and metadata, we knew we had to reengage him to continue the conversation. His bio is quite interesting: in addition to being a litigator, he’s also a data scientist. He’s a sought after speaker on legal tech issues. Bennett has written law journal articles about the application of machine learning and document analysis to ediscovery and other legal…
Data Security

The difference between Bash and Powershell

You don’t normally talk philosophy and IT when considering Bash and Powershell, but if it’s one thing I’ve learned over the past 20 years of sysadmin work it’s that whether you’re an Empiricist, Nihilist or Young Hegeliansist, if you’re serious about doing your job you don’t spend your day clicking on buttons, you run your network from a command line. I bring this up because the first thing anybody writes is that PowerShell and Unix…
Data Security

[Podcast] Bring Your Geek To Court – IOSS 22

Last week, Alpesh Shah of Presidio joined us to discuss law firms and technology. With big data, ediscovery, the cloud and more, it’s of growing importance that law firms leverage technology so that they can better serve their clients. And in doing so, law firms can spend more time doing “lawyerly things” and, um, more billing. Hallmarks of this episode include: why it’s critical for law firms to leveraging technology why clients demand that law firms care…
Customer Success

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Improves Their Data Security Posture with Varonis

With more than a terabyte of network file shares to clean up, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital enlisted Varonis to help them protect against data breaches, increase security, and to prevent ransomware. Not only did the hospital’s overall security posture improve with the implementation of the Data Classification Framework, DatAdvantage for Exchange and Windows, and DatAlert, it also freed up the IT department’s time spent on recovering data. Lee Powe, CIO, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital said,…
IT Pros

[Podcast] Statistician Kaiser Fung: Investigate The Process Behind A Numerical Finding (Part 1)

In the business world, if we’re looking for actionable insights, many think it’s found using an algorithm. However, statistician Kaiser Fung disagrees. With degrees in engineering, statistics, and an MBA from Harvard, Fung believes that both algorithms and humans are needed, as the sum is greater than its individual parts. Moreover, the worldview he suggests one should cultivate is numbersense. How? When presented with a numerical finding, go the extra mile and investigate the methodology, biases, and sources. For more tips,…
Data Security

PowerShell Tool Roundup

Updated: 9/24/2016 A hand-curated list of 70 tools to power up your workflow. Editors Ultimate PowerShell Prompt Customization and Git Setup Guide Let’s spend a little time installing ConEmu and Git, then customizing our prompt for maximum utility. Oh-My-Posh Powershell amazingness inspired on Oh-My-Zsh, pshazz, fish platyPS Write PowerShell External Help in Markdown posh-hg posh-hg – Mercurial integration for PowerShell PowerShellEditorServices PowerShellEditorServices – A common platform for PowerShell development support in any editor or application!…
IT Pros

[Podcast] Chief Data Officer Richard Wendell: Information as an Asset (Part 1)

 in IT Pros
The emergence of Chief Data Officers(CDO) demonstrates the growing recognition of information as an asset. In fact, Gartner says that 90% of large organizations will have a CDO by 2019. To understand the CDO role more deeply, I turned to Richard Wendell. I met Mr. Wendell last year at the Chief Data Officer Summit and thought his background and expertise would help us understand the critical role a CDO plays in managing an organization’s data.…
Data Security

Go Open Source! – IOSS 20

Whether you’re a proponent of open-source or proprietary software, there’s no doubt that the promise of open-source is exciting for many. For one thing, it’s mostly free. It’s built and maintained by passionate developers who can easily “look under the hood”. The best part is that you’re not married to the vendor. Yes, there are many helpful open-source security tools as well as awesome projects based on Go. But lately, there has been a controversial case of open-source ransomware. Originally created to educate others…
IT Pros

Malware Coding Lessons for IT People, Part II: Fun With FUD Ransomware!

Let’s not overthink ransomware! It’s just a small malicious piece of code with one devious goal — encrypting all of the user’s important files. It the unfortunate victim wants to recover them he or she will have to pay a hefty amount to retrieve the decryption key. How hard is ransomware? In this post, I’ll show you how incredibly easy it is to code a FUD (Fully Undetected) ransomware using public Microsoft libraries with C#.…
Data Security

Security Disconnect Between End Users and IT: Ponemon Institute Study

Varonis released the second part of a study about data protection and enterprise security with the Ponemon Research institute: The Widening Gap Between End Users and IT.  It compares end-user practices and beliefs with those of their colleagues in IT security and IT generalist roles. This new analysis draws from the same data released by Varonis and the Ponemon Institute August 9 in a report entitled “Closing Security Gaps to Protect Corporate Data: A Study…
Data Security

Moods and Motives of a Smooth Criminal – IOSS 19

After reading about an IT admin at large bank who went rogue, we put on our empathy hats to understand why. And in this episode, we came up with three reasons: Instead of being recognized as a revenue generator, IT is seen as a cost center Despite all the tests and certificates,  IT people aren’t as valued as, say, doctors or lawyers And lastly, IT people are often overworked and underappreciated Could changing the way you…