Six Authentication Experts You Should Follow


Our recent ebook shows what’s wrong with current password-based authentication technology. But luckily, there are a few leading experts that are shaping the future of the post-password world. Here are six people you should follow: 1. Lorrie Cranor @lorrietweet Lorrie Cranor is a password researcher and is currently Chief Technologist at the US Federal Trade Commission. She is […]

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Summer Reminder: Cloud Storage Ain’t All That Private


I’ve written before about the lack of privacy protections for consumers storing content in the cloud. In looking back over my notes, I’d forgotten just how few cloud privacy rights we have in the real world. Using the typical terms of service (ToS) from some major providers as a benchmark, your rights to the uploaded […]

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Protecting Bridget Jones’s Baby


In the wake of the Sony Pictures breach, studios are getting much smarter when it comes to data protection. A shining example is Miramax, a global film and television studio best known for its award-winning and original content such as 2016’s Bridget Jones’s Baby with Universal Pictures and Studio Canal. Read the full case study ⟶ Miramax was […]

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Data Privacy US-Style: Our National Privacy Research Strategy


While the EU has been speeding ahead with its own digital privacy laws, the US has been taking its own steps. Did you know there’s a National Privacy Research Strategy (NPRS) white paper that lays out plans for federally funded research projects into data privacy? Sure, the Federal Trade Commission has taken up the data privacy […]

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Active Directory in Plain English

pexels-photo (8)

It is tough getting started with Active Directory. There are lots of reasons for this: the years of cruft, the inherent complexity, the intimidating raw power… and the fact that everything has about six different names. To help make sense of this, we’ve translated AD terms back into something a human might use when conversing […]

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Enterprise Security Gaps: a Ponemon Institute Study


We recently sponsored a study about data protection and enterprise security with the Ponemon Research institute: Closing Security Gaps to Protect Corporate Data: A Study of U.S. and European Organizations. A primary focus was to research security gaps within organizations that lead to data breaches and ransomware attacks – what are the leading causes?  How […]

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One Take Away from Black Hat 2016: Designer Ransomware!


We had an amazing week at Black Hat 2016.  One topic that was on attendees’ minds— besides hacking Jeeps and chip-and-pin technology — was ransomware. A security analysis firm now warns us that ransomware has become more clickable because the thieves are localizing the phish mail. You should watch the video below for the full […]

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The Best Ransomware Defense: Limiting File Access


If ransomware lands on your machine, but can’t find your files, are you really infected? This isn’t a philosophical thought experiment, I promise.  Let me explain. Keeping data off your endpoints A common paradigm in IT for many years has been to keep user data on network drives–departmental shares, home folders, etc. Not only do network […]

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What is the Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges (MAR-E)?


Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, there are now online marketplaces to buy health insurance. These are essentially websites that allow consumers to shop around for an insurance policy by comparing plans from different private providers. Result: US consumers can purchase health insurance using the same technology that allows them to buy books, […]

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SQL Server Best Practices, Part I: Configuration


This is a multi-part series on SQL Server best practices. Read part II here. Am I the only one who finds the Microsoft SQL server best practice guides to be a little painful to trawl through? Somehow, I doubt it. After being frustrated reading numerous technical guides, best practice guides, TechNet articles, and blog posts […]

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5 Big Data Minds You Should Follow on Twitter


We’ve reached the point in big data’s innovation cycle where many of the barriers have been broken down and we are seeing some mind-blowing results—solutions that actually work and make businesses, and lives, substantially better. These brilliant minds are in the trenches, building self-repairing nano-circuits and tackling diseases. So, here’s my pick of 5 big data […]

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