Verizon 2016 DBIR: Same Old Thing

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If you’re into security stats like we are, then Verizon’s annual release of their Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is a big deal. Based heavily on data points supplied by US and international security agencies as well a private sources, the Verizon report looks back at the previous year’s breach and incident data. To no […]

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Varonis CEO Comments on Panama Papers Leak


The Panama Papers doxing attack has been one of those watershed moments in cyber security. It can be argued that it’s a far more serious indication of what’s wrong with our cyber defenses than the Sony document incident. After all, the attackers were able to access extraordinarily sensitive information on banking transaction for a class […]

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Varonis at EMC World 2016

las vegas emc

Hey, EMC World is right around the corner (May 2 – 5). We’ve got a lot going on this year. For starters, we’ll be introducing the Varonis Virtual Briefing Center. What’s that?

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New Varonis eBook Helps IT Kickstart Their Pen Testing Program


Hackers are able to break into systems and move around easily without being detected. How is this possible with so much invested in firewalls, malware scanners, and other intrusion detection software?  Answer: often times, no one has really taken the IT system out for a security test drive. Real-world security involve simulating an attack and […]

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Podcast Episode #7 – Journey of a Ransomware Attack


All it takes is one accidental click and all your most important files can get encrypted and held for a ransom. After that click, what happens next? Yesterday, in our seventh edition of our Inside Out Security Show, security experts Mike Buckbee, David Gibson, and Rob Sobers joined me as we traced the journey of a ransomware […]

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Interview with Chief Data Officer Richard Wendell, Part 2 [PODCAST]


In this second podcast, Mr. Wendell continues where he left off last time. He explains the skills you’ll need in order to be an effective Chief Data Officer and we learn more about MIT’s International Society of Chief Data Officers.

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Our Interview With IoT Pen Tester Ken Munro [TRANSCRIPT]


I had a load of fun chatting with Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners. The transcript I’m releasing below of the podcast is a good read, and well worth your time. One of the underlying themes that Ken makes is that security features are not a priority in consumer IoT devices. If you’d like to read […]

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Podcast Episode #6 – What’s making security better (or worse)?


What’s making security better (or worse)? It feels like every time, the infosec community figures out a new way to protect people’s data and privacy, there’s always a new threat or risk. Cybercriminals first stole credit cards, then they figured out health records had more value, so they decided to extort a ransom from a […]

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CEO Phishing: Hackers Target High-Value Data


Humans like to click on links. Some of us are better at resisting the urge, some worse. In any case, you’d also expect that people in the higher reaches of an organization — upper-level executives and the C-suite — would be very good at resisting phish bait.

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Interview with Chief Data Officer Richard Wendell, Part 1 [PODCAST]


The emergence of Chief Data Officers(CDO) in many organizations demonstrates the growing recognition of information as an asset. In fact, Gartner says that 90% of large organizations will have a CDO by 2019. To understand the CDO role more deeply, I turned to Richard Wendell. I met Mr. Wendell last year at the Chief Data […]

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Ransomware Guide for Healthcare Providers



Healthcare providers have always been attractive targets for data breaches. Why? The value of a health record is high. According to Reuters, health records are 10 to 20 times more valuable than credit card numbers. Rather than stealing health records and trying to sell them on the black market, cybercriminals are using ransomware to turn a much quicker profit.

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