Interview with Chief Data Officer Richard Wendell, Part 1 [PODCAST]


The emergence of Chief Data Officers(CDO) in many organizations demonstrates the growing recognition of information as an asset. In fact, Gartner says that 90% of large organizations will have a CDO by 2019. To understand the CDO role more deeply, I turned to Richard Wendell. I met Mr. Wendell last year at the Chief Data […]

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Ransomware Guide for Healthcare Providers



Healthcare providers have always been attractive targets for data breaches. Why? The value of a health record is high. According to Reuters, health records are 10 to 20 times more valuable than credit card numbers. Rather than stealing health records and trying to sell them on the black market, cybercriminals are using ransomware to turn a much quicker profit.

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Malware Coding Lessons for IT People, Part I: Learning to Write Custom FUD (Fully Undetected) Malware


The world of hacking is roughly divided into three different categories of attackers:

  1. The “Skids” (Script kiddies) – beginning hackers who gather existing code samples and tools for their own use and create some basic malware.
  2. The “Buyers” – hackpreneurs, teenagers, and other thrill seekers who purchase malware coding services in the cloud, collect PII, and then perhaps resell the stolen personal data over the black market.
  3. The “Blackhat coders”- malware wizards who code new malware and work out exploits from scratch.

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Is Ransomware the Canary in the Coal Mine?


The recent spate of ransomware attacks has security experts wondering if it is a blessing in disguise, alerting us to security weaknesses and deadlier attacks to come. Some conjecture that if you’re vulnerable to ransomware attacks, you’re also vulnerable to insider threats that are far stealthier and even more costly. Let’s deconstruct this idea. Right […]

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More of Our Interview with Pen Tester Ken Munro [PODCAST]


We have more Ken Munro in this second part of our podcast.  In this segment, Ken tells us how he probes wireless networks for weaknesses and some of the tools he uses. One takeaway for me is that the PSKs or passwords for WiFi networks should be quite complex, probably at least 12 characters. The […]

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5 Tips on Evaluating Vendors: What Your InfoSec Peers Are Doing


While it might be possible to explain your organization’s security paradigm in a single phrase – we prefer “security from the inside out”. Can you say the same for your vendors and contractors? Probably not. With the rise of cloud computing and outsourced IT services, data security has become the most critical issue for companies […]

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Interview With IoT Pen Tester Ken Munro [PODCAST]


If you want to understand the ways of a pen tester, Ken Munro is a good person to listen to. An info security veteran for over 15 years and founder of UK-based Pen Test Partners, his work in hacking into consumer devices — particularly coffee makers — has earned lots of respect from vendors. He’s […]

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Varonis Connect Customer Conferences: Ready, Set, Go!


It’s that time of year again! We’ve kicked off our annual series of Varonis Connect events and due to high customer demand, we’ve doubled the number of events from 2015 to 2016 – we’re expecting twice as many customer attendees. Varonis Connect events are free educational and networking conferences that we expect to draw more […]

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PwC Report Shows That Cybercrime Is a Top C-Level Concern


One metric that’s difficult to gauge when it comes to cybercrimes is the economic impact felt by companies. However, PwC took on this challenge and just released the results of its 19th Global Economic Crime Survey. It revealed the kinds of numbers that get the attention of executives, and for public companies, their shareholders as […]

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Podcast Episode #5 – How Does our Data get Compromised?


Could it be that files are open to everyone? Or is because we have weak passwords? How about social engineering – one of the oldest trick in the book? Perhaps it is all of the above? In our fifth edition of our Inside Out Security Show, security experts David Gibson and Michael Buckbee joined me […]

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