Vintage Anti-Virus Software: It Can’t Hurt to Keep It on!


In the pre-internet days, when the security industry had a technical edge and hackers couldn’t easily share information among themselves, you probably could sleep easier when a virus scan returned a clean bill of health.

Nowadays, it’s not really a secret that malware scanning is not very effective in detecting and blocking threats.

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Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation


When the trilogue discussions ended in December, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) reached its final form. But in the never ending GDPR saga, there was always still one more hurdle to be completed. Last month, the EU Parliament approved the final text worked out in the discussions. So now the clock starts ticking, […]

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Introduction to Ransomware Course


“Know Your Enemy” is pretty good advice – and while day to day it might seem like your arch-nemesis is that stupid switch in the farthest networking closet that you’ve replaced twice and still seems a little flaky – it pales in comparison to the threat that is ransomware. Ransomware is frightening not just because […]

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CyptMix Ransomware Claims to Donate Your Ransom Payment to Charity


Unlike traditional ransomware notes that rely on fear-based tactics, a new ransomware strain called CyptMix preys on your generosity. Part of the ransom note reads: “Your money will be spent for the children charity. So that is mean that You will get a participation in this process too. Many children will receive presents and medical […]

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Lessons From the Goldcorp Extortion


Unfortunately, another breach has made the headlines and it’s déjà vu all over again. The narrative surrounding the Goldcorp breach is similar to other doxing attacks:

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Interesting Deloitte Research on Insider Threats


We’re excited that Deloitte, the international auditing and consulting firm, has been raising the alarms on insider threats. They have some content in the CIO section of the Wall Street Journal that’s worth your time.

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Our Interview with Chief Data Officer, Richard Wendell [TRANSCRIPT]


The transcript I’m releasing of my interview with veteran chief data officer, Richard Wendell is an enjoyable read. Go from beginning to end, or feel free to bounce around. You’ll find sage advice applicable to anyone interested in data science. It’s also good primer to start thinking like a CDO. You’ll need to cultivate multi-faceted […]

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Visualize your risk with the DatAlert dashboard


Last week, we introduced over 20 new threat models to help defend your data against insider threats, ransomware attacks and threats to your most sensitive data. But with all this analysis – and all these threat models – how do you interpret and prioritize what to do next? Enterprises have been using our UBA threat […]

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Podcast Episode #8 – Understanding IoT Security


While many are inspired by the promise of IoT – the sensors, connectivity and overall improvement of lives and economic growth – there are some that are worried about the security vulnerabilities. We might be experiencing even more data breaches and IoT as an attack vector. Yesterday, in our eighth edition of our Inside Out Security […]

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Football player hacked live during NFL draft

Experts had Laremy Tunsil flagged as one of the top prospects in Thursday night’s NFL draft. But shortly before the opening pick, something disturbing happened. An incriminating video tweeted from Tunsil’s own verified Twitter account showed the Ole Miss star smoking a “marijuana-like substance” from a gas mask. It quickly became clear that Tunsil’s account […]

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