University Secures Sensitive Student Data with Varonis

University Secures Sensitive Student Data with Varonis

When hackers successfully breached a nearby university, the IT staff at Loyola University Maryland knew they had to act fast to secure their own environment. Academic institutions are prime targets for cyber criminals. A large university often has sensitive personal identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) on tens of thousands of students.

During a Varonis risk assessment, Loyola gained visibility into the information housed on their network. They discovered large amounts of PII and PHI that had to be managed and secured immediately. Previously, Loyola staff would have needed to take manual steps to organize and protect this information. Automated tools from Varonis expedite the process while helping Loyola stay compliant with standards such as GLBA, PCI and FERPA.

According to Louise Finn, CIO at Loyola University, “The exfiltration of data is light speed. So having a tool that’s running in the background — always scanning and looking based upon behaviors that it’s absorbing — is such a win for us.”

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