Improve Data Protection, Win $500 Gift Card

Regulation in IT is nothing new, especially for those of us who’ve ever worked in the financial, government or health care sectors. What’s changing is the breadth of regulations–how much we actually need to do–and the types of information and systems these regulations apply to. No longer is it just the mainframes and other transactional systems, for instance. People now have to ask themselves “How safe is our unstructured data?” and  “Are we in compliance with new regulations?” One comment I heard recently was along the lines of, “The terrifying thing is that we have no idea whether anything on the NAS is subject to regulation because we’ve never done anything to audit it.” Of course, data security has always been a concern but with the growing threat from internal and external breaches, and a new major Wikileaks story in the news seemingly every month, companies are up against a wall and need some help to analyze the scope of the problem and figure out solutions. I think many of us would just like some help knowing where to begin.

At Varonis we have a lot of experience helping our customers with these problems, and we want to help you see where you stack up compared to other organizations. Take our free 2 minute assessment on your data protection preparedness and we’ll enter you to win a $500 gift card! Click here to access the assessment or copy the following link into your browser:

Everyone who fills out the survey will get our comprehensive report on the state of data protection preparedness once the results have been analyzed.

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