How to Protect Yourself from Leaky Apps: Varonis on CNBC’s On the Money

How to Protect Yourself from Leaky Apps: Varonis on CNBC’s On the Money

This past weekend, Varonis’ Brian Vecci, Technical Evangelist, appeared on CNBC’s On the Money with Jennifer Schlesinger to discuss how consumers can protect themselves from leaky apps – both legitimate and illegitimate ones.

From a consumer perspective, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Any app could potentially be breached or broken in some way, so be careful about what kinds of information you provide.
  • Try not to use the same password everywhere, since if you do, one bad app or website breach could lead to your credentials from other, more secure sites like Amazon or Facebook being compromised.
  • Set up alerts for your email address on a site like com, which will alert you if your information shows up in a data breach
  • Both iOS and Android devices let you control what an app can access on your device. Be careful about giving an app access to information it may not need, like your photos or GPS location, or the phone’s camera or microphone

In order to help consumers protect themselves online, Varonis teamed up with renowned security expert Troy Hunt to produce a series of short video tutorials.

The online course, “Internet Security Basics, 5 Lessons for Protecting Yourself Online,” was created exclusively for Varonis and is designed to teach the everyday connected individual about the top five online security risks they face and how to protect themselves, including:

  • Practicing better password hygiene
  • Identifying website trustworthiness and phishing
  • Understanding the importance of software maintenance
  • Establishing mobile device and app security
  • Minimizing the risks of household and corporate IoT devices

The on-demand course, intended to be consumable by anyone with basic familiarity with computers, web browsers and mobile devices, is divided into seven bite-sized modules that take just a few minutes to watch. The course can also provide an effective supplement to organizations’ ongoing efforts to keep their employees trained and vigilant about online risks.

Troy Hunt is a world-renowned security expert and trainer, author, and creator of the free data breach service, “Have I been pwned?” As a leader in online training for technology professionals, Hunt expertly distills complex technology and cybersecurity subjects into relatable explanations.

Start protecting yourself online, take the video course today:

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