How to Assess Your Current Risk Profile and Effectively Reduce Risk

In our December 2011 newsletter, we highlight recent research from Gartner, “Security and Risk Management Lessons, Courtesy of WikiLeaks,” (Gartner subscription required) that begins, “The wholesale release of sensitive diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks serves as a reminder to organizations of the need to evaluate the benefits and risks of broader data access; the need for data access governance, controls and monitoring; and the need for data and infrastructure protection.”

Organizations now house all kinds of sensitive information – not only that of the organization itself, but data that belongs or affects its partners, clients, and employees. Governing access and monitoring use of data is critical for productivity and security, and is now necessary to be a viable business partner.

Metadata is critical in preventing unauthorized or inappropriate access to sensitive data. Read how to assess your current risk profile and effectively reduce risk with metadata framework technology in Preventing Data Leaks with Automated Data Governance.

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