Dedham Savings Uses Varonis to Build Trust with Their Customers and Stop Surprises

Dedham Savings

Dedham Savings Case Study

Trust is important in all relationships, but even more so for a community bank like Dedham Savings. Charged with protecting the sensitive financial data of their customers, Dedham turned to Varonis.

During a Varonis risk assessment, they discovered a large amount of stale customer data on their network: data that they could immediately take off the network, reducing the potential severity of a data breach and instantly improving their security posture.

With default network tools, it’s hard for any IT team to deeply understand exactly what is happening on their network – and they don’t have insight into the behaviors of users on their network: what files they’re using, what they have access to but really shouldn’t and how their network access profile matches others in their department.

As Jim Hanlon, Senior Vice President & CTO of Dedham Savings Bank, says: “The more customer data that you have on your network, the more risk there is. You really do need [something] like Varonis managing these vast amounts of data and to protect your customer data” – see how Dedham Savings uses Varonis in this quick one minute video.

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