Data Stewardship in 13 Minutes a Week


Andrew White, Research VP at Gartner, has a great thesis on data stewardship:

“13 minutes a week – that is how much work your data stewards should be doing.”

That is, in order for data stewardship (or data ownership) to be truly adopted by the business—marketing, HR, finance—the work we require them to do should amount to no more than 13 minutes per week.

This is a terrific goal and it is what we strive for with DataPrivilege.  How do we do it?

  • We make reviews devoid of noise – stewards only see data they care about
  • We make reviews differential – if it hasn’t changed since last review, it doesn’t show up
  • We make reviews inline with normal workflow – a timely email appears in the steward’s inbox with a big link that takes them right to the review; no separate reminders or TODOs needed
  • We make reviews actionable – exceptional items are highlighted and a suggested action is given along with the ability to take the action without leaving the review screen

A significant portion of our operational plan is devoted to finding, assigning, and involving data owners.  But without buy-in from the people who will be doing the work, the plan can’t be executed.  Andrew cuts right to the core of why many businesses have failed at implementing information governance programs: they have effectively dumped an unreasonable and unnecessary amount of work on their stewards’ desks and walked away.

What do you think? Could you sell 13 minutes of work per week in exchange for true information governance, accountability, and data protection?

Image credit: flickr – scjn

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