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You know the feeling – you get a brand new, shiny, screamingly fast NAS for your data center.  Everyone’s excited to plug it in.  Then reality hits.  Now you have to plan a migration.  Buzzkill.

Every time I talk to a sysadmin or storage pro about what their biggest headache is, the answer is almost universally: migrations.  It’s like going to the dentist – we know it’s going to be painful, but we have to do it.  And it’s a routine thing.  It never ends!  We’re always buying new hardware and decommissioning old stuff, consolidating domains (due to M&A or otherwise), archiving stale data, etc.

Our bosses think it’s easy – “just move the data” they say.  But we’re going across domains, from Windows file shares to SharePoint, and we have to complete the process within 36 hours without causing a blip on the radar.  Cue Mission Impossible theme song.

Varonis is conducting a survey to learn how you’re doing migrations today, where your pain points are, and how big a problem data and domain migrations are for your organization.  The data will help us create free resources to help you in your data migration planning and execution.  Plus, you could win a new 13″ Macbook Air (which you’ll have to migrate your personal data to!).

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