[Podcast] Professor Angela Sasse on Human-Centered Security

[Podcast] Professor Angela Sasse on Human-Centered Security

Lately, we’ve been hearing more from security experts who are urging IT pros to stop scapegoating users as the primary reason for not achieving security nirvana. After covering this controversy on a recent episode of the Inside Out Security Show, I thought it was worth having an in-depth conversation with an expert.

So, I contacted Angela Sasse, Professor of Human-Centred Technology in the Department of Computer Science at University College London, UK. Over the past 15 years, she has been researching the human-centered aspects of security, privacy, identity and trust. In 2015, for her innovative work, she was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering(FREng) for being one of the best and brightest engineer and technologist in the UK.

In part one of my interview with Professor Angela Sasse, we cover the challenges that CISOs have in managing risk while finding a way to understand what’s being asked of the user. And more importantly, why improving the usability of security can positively impact an organization’s profits.

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