Accelerate Data Protection with Context Awareness

I’ve been reading a lot about DLP technology lately.  Almost every article, discussion, and whitepaper I’ve stumbled upon focuses on content awareness — scan my files, find sensitive data, and ensure that it doesn’t escape.

This is a great place to start–locating critically sensitive files is a terrific first step–but a massive list with hundreds of thousands of “alerts” across petabytes of data can be extremely daunting if you don’t have any actionable intelligence accompanying it.

After a scan, there are usually far more questions than answers:

  • Who is using this data?
  • Who owns the data?
  • Which data is most at risk?
  • Once we’ve remediated exposures, how can we keep things under control?

This is why context is King.  And the key to context is metadata.

Forrester states, “To manage and protect information effectively, particularly from insiders and business partners, information risk and security professionals must integrate identity and access management with data life-cycle management. Forrester refers to this as protecting information consistently with identity context (PICWIC).”

Download our new whitepaper, Accelerate Data Protection with Context Awareness, where we talk much more about how identity context awareness can close the loop on DLP.


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