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Who’s Accessing Your Exchange Mailboxes and Public Folders? Varonis T...

We’re excited to announce our latest release of DatAdvantage for Exchange. Our engineering team has delivered advanced features that provide many times the visibility and control for Exchange than native journaling and diagnostic features.

Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange“With traditional approaches, it was very difficult to understand access to mailboxes and public folders across all the Exchange servers, effectively audit email access and communication, and find owners for public folders and mailboxes,” said Bernard Besohe, local mail and system administrator for the Publications Office of the European Union. “With Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange, we have significantly reduced our Exchange access and data management workload for tasks that we do many times every day. We now have a single console with a complete map to our ever-growing Exchange environment that has enabled our staff to identify and proactively manage and protect Exchange data.” Read the Full Announcement