Privacy Becomes a Focus at TechCrunch Disrupt NY

When launching software in the get-it-out-the-door world of consumer apps, companies often give security and privacy a lower priority. Understandable, of course. It’s not that this isn’t considered, but it’s hard for many embryonic startups (and even some larger players) to implement privacy-by-design concepts when also having to deal with everything else. With that in…

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What You May Have Missed May 2 2014

What You May Have Missed

1. EdTech startup with plans to collect and analyze data from US schools closes down over privacy concerns. Several key states ultimately passed laws to prevent school districts from sharing student data with outside services, resulting in this startup dropping out of the student database business. 2. The White House’s Big Data report also includes…

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Varonis Data Governance Suite 5.9 is now GA

Data Governance Suite 5.9 is packed with new features, including DatAlert, which provides real-time alerts and data breach detection for file servers, NAS, Exchange, and SharePoint.

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2014 Verizon DBIR: Year of Living Dangerously

One of the sure signs of spring, besides tulips and daffodils, is the release of the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. For those who are excited by survey methodology, this year’s report marks a dramatic change for the DBIR. They’re no longer sticklers about verifying breaches leading to actual data exposures, which limited the…

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Insights from the SANS Survey on Event Logging

SANS Critical Security Controls (CSC) have been getting more attention over the last few years. As security experts come around to focusing on the actual techniques used by hackers, the SANS “offense informs defense” approach is resonating. And now with the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), it has received a new and important endorsement….

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what you may have missed

What you may have missed

1. An awesome graphic of Heartbleed and security, depicting how the vulnerability works and a way to flag sites vulnerable to Heartbleed. 2. Despite the powers of big data, there are a few shortcomings that limit the accuracy for predicting flu epidemics. 3. Healthcare conference attendees believe privacy will crash big data if we don’t get it right. 4. Government public service…

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Enterprise Search: Diving into the Index, Part I

In my posts on enterprise search, I talked about some of the higher-level issues in turning classic web-based search into a product for the business space. To summarize, while enterprise search isn’t like the World Wide Web, it is still a Big Data problem. Just as with web search, it requires metadata—in this case, file…

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How to Configure Varonis and EMC Isilon

Customers of EMC’s popular Isilon storage platform have been clamoring for sophisticated controls around their sensitive, regulated content—e.g., SOX, PCI, intellectual property, etc.  Varonis is the perfect fit.  With our new integration, EMC Isilon customers can audit, manage and protect their human-generated data. David Gibson sits down with Vinod Muralidhar from EMC Isilon and Henry…

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