The IP Theft Puzzle, Part III: Monitor Your CEO!


Hackers who make the headlines usually phish average corporate employees and steal customer PII in bulk. Think of them as the Kmart of the cyber world. They retail credit card numbers (on the black market of course) for a couple of bucks a pop. Then there are cyber gangs (and governments) that specifically target top […]

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IT Won’t Let Me Install Anything

IT permission to install

At work, getting IT’s permission to approve installations is time consuming and annoying. Yes, requests are typically approved within a day or two. But after a few days, I’m forced to pester the IT department: “Shouldn’t my approval be a no brainer?!!” To which they inevitably reply: “No way!” But not exactly in those words. […]

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Sage Advice from Digital TV: Collect Only What You Need

When watching movies on Netflix or our favorite TV shows on cable, we expect our data and privacy to be protected. Even if the movie or TV streaming service is supported by ads, those ads should be served without amassing additional unnecessary user personally identifiable information (PII). Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case. For lack […]

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Varonis Customer Loyola University Maryland Receives 2015 Computerworld Data+ Editors’ Choice Award for Mastering Data Security

We are thrilled to report that one of our customers, Loyola University Maryland, has been named as a 2015 Computerworld Data+ Editors’ Choice Award honoree for its use of Varonis DatAdvantage. According to Computerworld, “This year’s honorees have used analytics to solve vexing business and humanitarian problems. They are taking data analytics to the next […]

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Varonis DatAdvantage and DatAlert Are Now Interoperable with HP ArcSight

Today we are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with HP to integrate our DatAdvantage and DatAlert solutions with ArcSight, HP’s leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. This new technology alliance is designed to help our customers gain unprecedented intelligence about their vast stores of unstructured data (the type of data they typically […]

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Windows 10 Authentication: The End of Pass the Hash?

Over the last year, Microsoft had been dropping lots of hints it would be reworking its authentication system in Windows 10. Multi-factors, support of FIDO, and the use of virtualization technology to secure credentials were all slated to be in its latest and greatest OS. With the general release of Windows 10 late last month, […]

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ELSEN logistics & more Keeps Data Secure with Varonis DatAdvantage


Germany-based ELSEN Group’s came to Varonis because its file shares had grown significantly over time, making it difficult to trace which employees could and were accessing data across its many departments. The IT folks wanted a transparent solution with a single interface to help it manage file permissions and security groups. They wanted to be […]

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Five Things You Might Not Know About the FTC

While the EU Commission is close to finalizing their data protection law, here in the US, we have the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is the closest thing we have to an overall data protection protector and enforcer. In recent years, they’ve successfully brought actions against major social media companies for violating consumer privacy rights, […]

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Analysys Mason Tackles File Sharing Securely with Varonis DatAnywhere


Today I’d like to share a story with you about our one of our customers in the U.K., Analysys Mason, a global specialist adviser on telecoms, media and technology (TMT), and how we’ve helped its workforce have cloud-like access to its file storage, from different locations and devices, in a controlled and secure manner. Since implementing Varonis’ Enterprise File Sync […]

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User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and Insider Theft [White Paper]


Insider theft can be devastating for companies. After all, employees know where the most valuable and sensitive data lives. According to PwC’s 2014 US State of Cybercrime Survey, one-third of respondents said insider data theft is more costly or damaging than those committed by outsiders! How can you tell when an employee breaks bad? We […]

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