Point of View: User Behavior Analytics and Varonis [White Paper]

User Behavior Analytics, or UBA, has suddenly entered the security conversation. Security folks are talking about it. Analysts are talking about it. It’s in the news. It’s a good conversation to have, and at Varonis, we’re glad it’s finally receiving the attention it deserves. We knew ten years ago that to really understand and govern…

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DatAnywhere 2.5 is here

While we’ve been collecting interesting use cases for DatAnywhere, we’ve been busy behind the scenes making improvements and updates to your favorite enterprise file sync and share solution. We’re changing the way you use DatAnywhere –making it more intuitive to use whether you’re on mobile, desktop, or web.  Over the past few months we’ve released…

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Group Policy and DatAdvantage for Directory Services

Customers have been requesting more events in DatAdvantage for Directory Services: they want to learn more about who’s logging in when, report on failed logon attempts, GPO setting changes, password policy changes, enhancements to alerts, and more. So we made sure that one of the big features in our 6.1.30 beta release does just that: by improving…

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Six Ways to Protect Your Organization Inside and Out

Does anyone know how to prevent data breaches from happening? Many ideas have been suggested, from junking the current system to encrypting everything, but unfortunately they aren’t practical or realistic. Here’s the reality of what we know about data breaches. The latest Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report revealed that it takes organizations months to discover…

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The Street Finds Its Own Uses For DatAnywhere

William Gibson, science fiction author of many a cyberpunk classic, wrote that “the street finds its own uses for things” – and while we’ve yet to hear of anyone using DatAnywhere to transfer files to an Artificial Intelligence in orbit, we’ve been collecting a new batch of interesting use cases of DatAnywhere to present to…

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Data in the Cloud – What You Need to Know

Everyone’s talking about the cloud – but what exactly is it?  Should you move your data to the cloud? How do you take advantage of the agility that the cloud offers, without putting your data at risk? Make sure you understand the basics of migrating and storing your data in the cloud:  the risks, rewards,…

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How Varonis Helps with PCI DSS 3.1

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) 3.1 is a set of regulations that govern how organizations manage credit card and other cardholder data. Many security professionals advocate that DSS is not only about passing an annual compliance audit, but also having programs in place for continual assessments, remediation, and monitoring. To learn how…

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The Difference Between Organizational Units and Active Directory Groups

Active Directory loves hierarchy. Domains, Organizational Units (OUs), groups, users, and so forth. Sometimes it can be confusing—how do I best structure my AD? We’ve written a bit about domains (How do I name my domain? What happens if I rename my domain?), but today our focus will be on the difference between OUs and groups….

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hello hacker

Lessons from OPM: Turning Security Inside Out With User Behavior Analytics

The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) suffered a massive breach in early June. They publicly announced that the personally identifiable information or PII of over 4 million current and former government workers had likely been scooped up by hackers. Who done it? At this point, there’s some interesting speculation about the source of the…

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enterprise knowledge

Enterprise Search: Our White Paper Looks Into the Future of Business Knowledge

As enterprise search catches on — thanks to our own DatAnswers — corporate users may be wondering where this technology is leading. In our newest white paper, Enterprise Knowledge: Unlocking Hidden Knowledge in Unstructured Data, we provide a roadmap for the next few miles. Enterprise search can speedily find file content matching the right keywords. And…

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