How Varonis Helps with PCI DSS 3.1

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) 3.1 is a set of regulations that govern how organizations manage credit card and other cardholder data. Many security professionals advocate that DSS is not only about passing an annual compliance audit, but also having programs in place for continual assessments, remediation, and monitoring. To learn how…

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The Difference Between Organizational Units and Active Directory Groups

Active Directory loves hierarchy. Domains, Organizational Units (OUs), groups, users, and so forth. Sometimes it can be confusing—how do I best structure my AD? We’ve written a bit about domains (How do I name my domain? What happens if I rename my domain?), but today our focus will be on the difference between OUs and groups….

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hello hacker

Lessons from OPM: Turning Security Inside Out With User Behavior Analytics

The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) suffered a massive breach in early June. They publicly announced that the personally identifiable information or PII of over 4 million current and former government workers had likely been scooped up by hackers. Who done it? At this point, there’s some interesting speculation about the source of the…

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enterprise knowledge

Enterprise Search: Our White Paper Looks Into the Future of Business Knowledge

As enterprise search catches on — thanks to our own DatAnswers — corporate users may be wondering where this technology is leading. In our newest white paper, Enterprise Knowledge: Unlocking Hidden Knowledge in Unstructured Data, we provide a roadmap for the next few miles. Enterprise search can speedily find file content matching the right keywords. And…

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Light at End of Tunnel for EU Data Regulations

We’ve been posting about the EU’s new regulations for over two years, watching this slow train move in fits and starts. But the long strange journey may soon come to an end.  It’s now likely that the Data Protection Regulation (DPR) will be approved by the end of 2015 or early next year. Of course,…

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How Varonis Helps with UK’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Data Integrity Expectations

In 2015, the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency published a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Data Integrity Expectations for the pharmaceutical industry. This guide is designed to emphasize the importance of data governance and to help ensure that medicine produced are of safe quality. To learn how Varonis solutions can help the pharmaceutical industry with data…

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Winner of Our Insider Threat Data Analysis Contest

Once again our readers have proven themselves up to the challenge of imaginatively solving Metadata Era contest problems. In our last go-around, we asked you to take some basic data points about file access in a hypothetical company and decide whether insiders were lurking. To refresh memories, the problem states there are 100 employees with…

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ESG Cites Varonis DatAnywhere in New “Secure Enterprise Collaboration and File Sharing” Brief

Today the renowned IT research firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) published a brief detailing how Varonis DatAnywhere is removing the tension between employee mobility and heightened security risks – two of the most important and often conflicting challenges faced by IT executives. You can download a copy of the ESG brief for free here. If…

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Happy 10th anniversary, Varonis!

Congratulations to us! We’ve been in business for 10 years. Since Varonis operations began in 2005, we’ve grown from a handful of people and a dream to serving more than 3,500 customers. For the past ten years, our mission has been to provide the foundation for secure and safe digital collaboration for organizations worldwide by…

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Good News from Our Varonis Connect Attendees

Between April and late May, we held 15 Varonis Connect events across the North America and Europe. The meetings brought together a wide range of Varonis’ rapidly expanding base of customers across all industries, to learn about best practices and use cases for how to utilize Varonis solutions from each other and from Varonis experts….

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