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How Varonis Helps with the UK’s GCHQ 10 Steps to Cyber Security

Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is a UK security and intelligence organization. Tasked by the government to protect the nation from threats, the GCHQ is responsible for publishing “The 10 Steps to Cyber Security,” which offers a practical guide that organizations can follow to secure their networks and data. To learn how Varonis solutions can help…

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All Sites SSL All the Time

There’s a real danger to writing about SSLi: namely that someone will accidentally skim across a sentence of your article while operating a motor vehicle and pass out at the wheel. To help mitigate this danger and hopefully get our broader point across, we’re just going to say upfront that this article isn’t about the…

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SEC Rates Brokers on Cybersecurity

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is in the business of regulating the securities markets. They’ve been given the responsibility for the basic integrity of market operations—keeping the stock and bond exchanges going and ensuring that investors have the latest information. It’s in their role as market guardians that SEC decision makers have started…

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Agree to Disagree: IDG’s 2015 Big Data Survey Findings

Recently IDG released the results of their 2015 Big Data and Analytics Survey. The objective of the survey is to gain a deeper understanding of organizations’ big data goals and tactics. Interestingly enough, survey findings highlight a lot of what we frequently discuss at the Metadata Era. Restrict Access to Sensitive Data One finding is…

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‘Varonis Track’ at InfoSecurity Europe

This is getting to be a regular feature. Another conference, and another request from our readers to put together a Varonis Track. The conference this time is InfoSecurity Europe, which will touchdown in London June 2 – June 4. If you’re at InfoSecurity Europe, stop by to chat with the Varonis crew. We’ll be at…

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Announcing DatAdvantage for Microsoft Office 365

We’re excited to announce the beta release of DatAdvantage for Microsoft Office 365 – with permissions visibility for Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and visibility into Active Directory for Azure. Also included in this release is Data Classification Framework support for SharePoint Online and OneDrive, so that you can identify and lock down sensitive…

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Let’s Go to the RSA Videos!

For your viewing pleasure, the RSA folks have generously released the video recordings of most of the presentations from last month’s conference. So I bought popcorn, got an aisle seat, and spent an afternoon at the data security movies. My goal was to find themes in the hacker and malware-oriented talks. Like a Hollywood script,…

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The Metadata Era Data Analysis Contest

Courtesy of Dato’s co-founder Danny Bickson, we’ve come into possession of a three tickets for the Data Science Summit & Dato Conference being held in San Francisco July 20 -21. Thanks Danny! Researchers from Microsoft, Google, Cloudera, Carnegie-Mellon, and Stanford will be on hand to talk data. The Summit, by the way, has been organized by O’Reilly Media’s Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Ben Lorica.

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Forrester’s Wake-Up Call to Companies

Hey, we’ve received another shout out from the research community. Forrester, one of the most influential IT research and advisory firms in the world, has mentioned us in “Wake-Up Call: Poorly Managed Employee Access Rights Are a Breach Waiting to Happen (Merritt Maxim, April 28, 2015).” In the report, Forrester has noted a significant trend…

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