Women in Data Security, Compliance, and Privacy You Should Follow on Twitter

There are many articles lately lamenting the lack of women in technology. I’m happy we’re having this discussion and that groups are working towards fixing the problem, but I’d like to shift the focus to the women that are in technology. The good news is that female technologists in data security, compliance, and privacy do…

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Start with Classification

Enterprise Search: Connecting File Data and Knowledge, Part III

In the last post in this series, I’ll now take on the topic of finding knowledge directly in the content. We’ve discussed how keyword queries can be made a lot smarter with schemas, which can fill in some of the conceptual background. Obviously, this is a great help in fine- tuning the keyword queries through…

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Privacy by Design Cheat Sheet

Privacy by Design (PbD) has been coming up more and more in data security discussions. Alexandra Ross, the Privacy Guru, often brings it up in her consultations with her high tech clients. Its several core principles have been adopted by U.S. government agencies and others as de facto best practices polices. PbD is about 20…

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Top 10 Chief Data Officers to Follow on Twitter

Will 2015 be the year of the Chief Data Officer (CDO)? It’s a question that’s coming up more and more often. Whether the CIOs are becoming overwhelmed with IT demands, or organizations are recognizing the value in their data, CDOs have a key role to play in data governance initiatives. A CDO’s mission is “to bring order…

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Varonis Metadata Framework Voted 2015 Software Product of the Year

Today Varonis is thrilled to report that our Metadata Framework was voted “Software Product of the Year” for 2015 by the UK’s Network Computing magazine, which is the UK’s longest established magazine dedicated to network management. In its ninth year, the winners of its award program are determined by online voting open to the public – such…

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Should you get Cyber Insurance?

The latest string of data breaches has damaged reputations, spurring demand for cyber liability coverage. More specifically, recent findings by industry analysts report that spending on cyber liability insurance nearly doubled between 2013 and 2014 to about $2 billion.1 The Cost of a Data Breach To understand why so many organizations are buying cyber liability…

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Carbanak Attack Post-Mortem: Same Old Phish

The Kaspersky report about Carbanak malware released last month led to some pretty frightening headlines, usually starting with “Billion dollar heist…”.  Now that we’re over a month into reviewing some of the forensic evidence, it appears that Carbanak is less sophisticated than many first thought. At its heart, this was a spear phishing attack that…

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How Varonis Helps with the National Credit Union Administration Regulations

Part 748 of the National Credit Union Administration Regulations delineates the requirements for each federally insured credit union’s security program. This program helps protect against insider threats, ensures the security and confidentiality of member records, responds to incidents of unauthorized access, and so much more! To learn how Varonis solutions can help enforce federally insured…

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State of PCI Compliance 2014

Last year when we wrote about Verizon’s PCI Compliance report, the news was not very encouraging. Only 11% of companies in the Verizon sample passed all 12 of the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) 2.0’s controls. For hackers, it meant that in 2013 they were unlucky if they found themselves on a compliant site! The…

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Windows 10’s Security Reboot, Part III: FIDO and Beyond

FIDO’s Universal Two Factor (U2F) is intended to make it easy for companies to add a strong second factor to their existing crypto infrastructure. Most of us are probably not ready to leap ahead to the password-less Universal Authentication Factor (UAF), which I touched on in the previous post in this series. So U2F is…

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