Celebrating Privacy Day [INFOGRAPHIC]


Data Privacy Day is an “effort held annually on Jan. 28 to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information.” That’s a concept we approve of! Of, course, there are many ways to create privacy awareness. You could, for example, go over to your IT department to ask why data and privacy […]

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Poll: Users Cause IT the Most Pain


We know you’re all curious about the results of our IT Pain Point poll from December. The numbers are in, and we now can say the top three sources of extreme distress for IT people. The answers are: users (24%), tech hype (18%) and, in a tie for third place, management and money (7%). You […]

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And Hotels Have WiFi Issues Too!


I would like to say that hotel data security problems just end at compromised PoS systems. Unfortunately, the headlines tell another story. Last year, researchers at a security firm discovered a serious vulnerability in a router commonly used by hotels. The researchers noted that one of the processes running on some models of an InnGate […]

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How Do I Get My CEO to Take Data Security Seriously?

palm face

Let’s give IT and Infosec people some credit. They knew organizations were at risk for data breaches long before it started making headlines. And they are coming around to seeing that security starts from the inside out. But a common problem for IT is that they need help convincing the C-level suite about the bottom-line […]

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The Hotel Industry Has a PoS Malware Problem


Am I the only one finding the recent upsurge in hotel data breaches troubling at some primal level? You’re in a vulnerable position as a traveler, and you want to believe the suite you’ve booked is your castle. And a secure one – doors often have multiple locks, rooms have those teeny safes for storing […]

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Social Engineering Remains a Top Cybersecurity Concern


In 2016, the top cyberthreat for IT pros, at least according to ISACA’s Cybersecurity Snapshot, is social engineering.  It has always been a classic exploit amongst the hackerati. But in recent years it has become a preferred entry technique. Instead of breaking into a network, an attacker merely has to manipulate those who have access […]

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Today I Learned: Keeping Up with the Cryptolockers


It’s tough to keep up with CryptoLocker and the several quintillion other ransomware variants that have been released in the last couple years. If you’re unfamiliar with ransomware, it’s the digital equivalent of an Adam Sandler movie. Your files are encrypted into mumbo-jumbo and you can’t get them back without paying way more than you […]

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Varonis Gives Havas Media a DatAdvantage Over Its Competition


When multiple media companies were merged under the Havas Media Group brand, John Clark, group network manager, quickly realized that distinguishing the permissions for the various companies’ data wasn’t going to be an easy task. To help manage the transition effectively and securely, he needed a solution that could provide: Visibility into user and group […]

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Current Privacy Risks in Genetic Testing


The idea of taking a direct-to-consumer(DTC) genetic test is intriguing. What was once considered an expensive test that could only be performed in a medical environment can now be purchased by consumers for as little as $100.00 and administered in the home. Simply spit your saliva into a tube, mail it to the lab, and […]

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation Is Now Law. Here’s What You Need to Know.

eu map

You are back in the office after the long holiday break and busy catching up. Did you miss the story about the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) receiving final approval?  Some are calling it a “milestone of the digital age”. We’ve been following the GDPR on the blog over the last two years. If […]

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