My Credit Card Was Stolen (Again). It’s OK. Here’s Why.

Nothing brings holiday cheer quite like a massive data breach.  For anyone not in the loop, retail giant Target was hacked last month, resulting in the compromise of more than 40 million credit and debit cards. My credit card was one of the unlucky ones that was pilfered and, this weekend, a thief decided to…

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Tips From the Pros: Best Practices for Managing Large Amounts of Shared Data

In our “Tips from the Pros” series, we’ll be the presenting interviews we’ve conducted with working IT professionals. These are the admins and managers responsible for security, access, and control of  human-generated data—the fast growing digital element in organizations today. In this inaugural post, we spoke recently with one of our customers about managing large…

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10 Insights On Enterprise Data Book Cover

10 Insights on Enterprise Data [Free eBook]

If you follow IDC’s Digital Universe study each year, you can know that the enterprise technology landscape is fast-changing.  Data growth is out of control and companies are scrambling—with limited resources—to manage, protect, and extract value from their data. So what’s next for enterprises as we approach 2014?  We collaborated with talented designer Gregory Koberger…

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If the NSA can’t track its data, how can you?

I have a simple test for you.  Let’s call it the Snowden test: Create a folder named “Highly Confidential” on your company’s shared file server Put a few meaningless files with top-secret file names into the folder Delete the folder Now for the fun part—call your IT department and ask them what happened to your…

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HIPAA’s Revamped Auditing Program: Will You Be Ready in 2014?

Now that we’re well past the compliance date for the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule, it’s time to start looking ahead at the next milestone—enforcing those rules.  One aspect of enforcement that’s expected to increase next year is more auditing visits from the regulators. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced it will…

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Introducing DatAnywhere 1.5

We’re happy to announce today that DatAnywhere 1.5 is generally available.  DatAnywhere has gained strong adoption in its first year of existence, helping organizations deliver the cloud file sync experience using corporate file servers and NAS devices. One of the key benefits of DatAnywhere over other private cloud solutions is how simple it is to…

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