Automate Exchange Distribution List Management

From a business perspective, distribution lists (DLs) for email communications are a powerful and well-understood concept in IT. And they are popular: Exchange admins have voted with their right-clicks, creating lots of these Active Directory objects in their corporate domains. DLs speed up overall collaboration and leverage the power of groups to answer questions, share…

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View From Germany: EU Data Protection Reform Is on a Slow Train

Based out of Frankfurt, Cyril Simonnet is Varonis’ Sales Director for Germany, Austria, Nordic countries, and emerging markets. Simonnet has been watching the shifting fortunes of the EU’s proposed changes to its overarching data security rules, the Data Protection Directive or DPD. These regulatory reforms have seen their share of obstacles as they slowly progress…

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Varonis Shines in Bloor Research’s Data Governance Market Update

Bloor Research published its market update for data governance.  Included were a bevy of vendors in the structured data governance space, with stalwarts like IBM and SAP featured prominently. In the burgeoning unstructured data governance market, where arguably the greatest technical challenges lie, Varonis was the only vendor featured. In the unstructured space we have…

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Anatomy of a Phish: New Varonis eBook Connects Social Attacks and APTs to Human-Generated Data

Security analysts have been telling us that phishing incidents have been on the rise, and the threat will get worse in the coming years. Sure phishing and other social attacks are insanely clever, tricking victims into effectively inviting hackers in through the front door. But when cyber thieves also use advanced persistent threats or APTs—embedding…

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The ‘Varonis Track’ at RSA 2014

The tagline for the RSA Conference to be held later this month (2/24 – 2/28) at San Francisco’s Moscone Center is “where the world talks security.”  The Varonis team will also be there (South Expo #2309) to talk security.  At the Metadata Era, we’ve been lately focusing on new threats based on a combination of…

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The Difference between CIFS and SMB

I’ve received quite a few questions from both new and experienced sysadmins, about networked filesystems and file sharing protocols.  One question that comes up frequently is, “What is the difference between CIFS and SMB?” There are many idiosyncrasies, and the terminology can be confusing, so I’m going to boil down the essentials in an easy-to-follow…

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A National US Breach Notification Law May Be on the Way

Last month when I was prognosticating about the year ahead in data regulations, I held out some vague hope that there might come to pass a law on the national level with minimal standards for PII protection. There have been a few proposals that have been kicking around Congress over the years, any one of…

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Secrets to Preventing POS-based Attacks in Retail

There’s still much mystery surrounding the recent cyber heist in which tens of millions of credit card numbers were removed from a major retailer’s POS system, though we learn more almost every day. The always indispensable Krebs is a good starting point for background information and very informed speculation.  There are good reasons—based on FBI…

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Tips From The Pros: Streamlined Group Structure for 4500 Users

Another from our Tips interviews with working IT professionals.  
Q: How many users and how much data are you managing?

A: Currently, we have about 4500 people in our research department, and about 150TB of data, which we just moved from EMC Celerra NAS devices to EMC Isilon.

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Random-graph-Erdos_generated_network.svg (1)

Connecting the Dots between Phishing, Human Generated Data, and Data Exposure

Last week, I wrote about some of the implications of Bruce Schneier’s recent talk at a cryptography conference held in New York.  In short: APTs in combination with phishing attacks have upset the data security balance of power, with hackers (and government intelligence) coming out ahead.  If you’ve been following along at the Metadata Era,…

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