Varonis Adds Support for EMC Isilon

Download the EMC-Varonis Partner datasheet here. One of the biggest benefits of the Varonis Data Governance Suite is the wide platform support.  This is important for two very significant reasons: 1.) We want to help customers manage and protect their data wherever it lives without forcing them to move into a document management silo.  We…

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Video: 6 Steps to HIPAA Compliance

On the heels of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule we decided to put together a jam-packed, highly educational webinar that dives deep into the world of HIPAA and HITECH.  I was joined by HIPAA expert Mark Eggleston of Health Partners Plans for what would be Varonis’ most well-attended webinar to date.  In this recording, we cover:…

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How DatAdvantage Helps With Virus Recovery

During my conversations with our customers, it is always great to hear how they are leveraging Varonis to support their data governance initiatives. It is even better when we hear about scenarios that reach outside their original use-cases, like recovering from a virus. Today we are sharing a story from a customer who was recently…

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10 Big Data Videos to Watch Right Now

Big data seems like it’s just about everywhere – because it really is. The uses for big data in the modern world are countless. From scientific applications, like analyzing the mountains of data produced by the Large Hadron Collider, to finding solutions to the most pressing problems in government and healthcare – big data has…

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Forbes: Do You Know Where Your Data Is And Who Reads It? Varonis Knows

Gil Press, Forbes contributor, wrote a fantastic piece on Varonis.  My favorite part of the article: More often than not, the exposure of sensitive information to unauthorized insiders and outsiders is simply inadvertent. Gibson told me about a casino where the first line of the Varonis risk management report revealed that 15 million credit card…

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5 Big Data Minds You Should Follow on Twitter

We’ve reached the point in big data’s innovation cycle where many of the barriers have been broken down and we are seeing some mind-blowing results—solutions that actually work and make businesses, and lives, substantially better. I could point you to a research paper or two, but in my opinion, there’s no better way to insert…

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Should US Companies Pack Their Bags for Foreign Data Centers?

As a result of the recent NSA revelations, US cloud providers may lose tens of billions of dollars in revenue over the next few years. At least that’s the prediction made by two market analyst firms. Basing their numbers on a survey of executives from the Cloud Security Alliance, analysts guesstimated that foreign (mostly EU)…

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West Coast Files: California Breach Law to Cover More PII

With its updated breach notification law, will California be adding another national trend to its already impressive record? Super highways, private space travel, and now advanced notions on identity. Last month, Governor Brown signed a bill to amend the definition of personally identifiable information or PII in its existing notification law to include email addresses…

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CloudPro: Are NDAs the Missing Link in Cloud Security?

Davey Winder of CloudPro wrote a nice piece this week which builds on one of the key findings from our most recent Information Entropy report, in which we discovered that 44% of respondents claim to have not signed an NDA with their employer.  Winder’s main point is that the NDA could be a critical missing…

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