Data in the Cloud – What You Need to Know


Everyone’s talking about the cloud – but what exactly is it?  Should you move your data to the cloud? How do you take advantage of the agility that the cloud offers, without putting your data at risk? Make sure you understand the basics of migrating and storing your data in the cloud:  the risks, rewards, […]

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Announcing DatAdvantage for Microsoft Office 365


We’re excited to announce the beta release of DatAdvantage for Microsoft Office 365 – with permissions visibility for Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and visibility into Active Directory for Azure. Also included in this release is Data Classification Framework support for SharePoint Online and OneDrive, so that you can identify and lock down sensitive […]

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The Journey to File Permission Perfection  

More devices than ever. More platforms to choose from. An expanding universe of data choices that can be both exciting and confusing at the same time. Tablets, phablets, laptops, iOS, Android, Windows, UNIX/Linux file servers, and NAS devices. Add SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, and LinkedIn to the mix. These are all awesome platforms for allowing […]

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They get it! Here are three organizations that understand privacy…

no access

If we need any more evidence that insiders have WAY too much access to user data, click on over to BuzzFeed’s report on the internal security policy of 29 tech companies. The BuzzFeed writers directly asked these companies questions about internal privacy policies covering data entrusted to them by their users and subscribers. Many didn’t […]

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Point-of-Sale Cyber Attacks Are Back With Backoff

pos attack

Point-of-Sale attacks are back in the news. But they never really left us. In the wake of the Target attack, the FBI issued a bulletin in January warning about future incidents. They identified the malware type (RAM scrapers) and the infection vector (phish mails, and compromised websites or “watering holes”). And they even pointed out […]

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3 Deadly File Permissions Mistakes


Scarily, in most organizations people have access to much more information than they need in order to do their jobs.  With file permissions, it’s easy to mess things up and hard to find and fix problems, especially in large environments.  One tiny mistake can cause a ripple effect across terabytes of data, opening up a […]

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Automate Exchange Distribution List Management

From a business perspective, distribution lists (DLs) for email communications are a powerful and well-understood concept in IT. And they are popular: Exchange admins have voted with their right-clicks, creating lots of these Active Directory objects in their corporate domains. DLs speed up overall collaboration and leverage the power of groups to answer questions, share […]

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At-Risk Exchange Data

One of the more interesting benefits of  last year’s launch of DatAdvantage for Exchange was the opportunities it presented to talk with different sets of people in our customers’ organizations. Where traditionally we’d worked mostly with security, storage, Windows or Active Directory teams, DatAdvantage for Exchange spurred meetings with messaging, e-Discovery and legal folks as […]

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