Penetration Testing Explained, Part III: Playing with RATs and Reverse Shells

Last week I broke into a Windows 2008 server and inserted a remote access trojan or RAT. Don’t call security, I did this in a contained environment within virtual machines. To continue on with my pen testing experiment, in this post I’ll explore a few basic steps and techniques used by hackers after they’ve entered […]

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Varonis and User Behavior Analytics

If you’re looking to understand the current security environment, and why perimeter defenses no longer can, ahem, hack it, may we direct you to a recent newsletter from Gartner? It’s just a few pages but well worth your time. Our own Yaki Faitelson, Varonis CEO, is featured, and he tells it like it is, security-wise. […]

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Top 10 PowerShell Tutorials on the Web

“I hate automation” said no sysadmin, ever. PowerShell has become a very popular scripting solution for perpetually overworked sysadmins and other IT pros.  It can be used to automate almost any area of the Windows ecosystem, including Active Directory and Exchange. What’s the best way to learn about this time saving tool? I scoured the […]

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9 Ways to a Secure Active Directory

For many companies, Active Directory represents the keys to the kingdom. Understanding how to maintain a secure, optimized, and well-monitored AD can drastically reduce your risks of being attacked. To that end, here are nine ways to a secure Active Directory: 1. Document Your Active Directory –In order to keep a clean and secure AD, […]

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‘Varonis Track’ for National Cyber Security Awareness Month


Our ‘Varonis Tracks’ have been such a huge hit, we decided to do one for National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). NCSAM is five weeks’ worth of ideas and programs with the goal to educate the public and private sectors about  data security and privacy. The key message is that we’re all in it together—security-wise, […]

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IT Won’t Let Me Install Anything

IT permission to install

At work, getting IT’s permission to approve installations is time consuming and annoying. Yes, requests are typically approved within a day or two. But after a few days, I’m forced to pester the IT department: “Shouldn’t my approval be a no brainer?!!” To which they inevitably reply: “No way!” But not exactly in those words. […]

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Varonis DatAdvantage and DatAlert Are Now Interoperable with HP ArcSight

Today we are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with HP to integrate our DatAdvantage and DatAlert solutions with ArcSight, HP’s leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. This new technology alliance is designed to help our customers gain unprecedented intelligence about their vast stores of unstructured data (the type of data they typically […]

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Data in the Cloud – What You Need to Know


Everyone’s talking about the cloud – but what exactly is it?  Should you move your data to the cloud? How do you take advantage of the agility that the cloud offers, without putting your data at risk? Make sure you understand the basics of migrating and storing your data in the cloud:  the risks, rewards, […]

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The Metadata Era Data Analysis Contest

New Venn - insider

Courtesy of Dato’s co-founder Danny Bickson, we’ve come into possession of a three tickets for the Data Science Summit & Dato Conference being held in San Francisco July 20 -21. Thanks Danny! Researchers from Microsoft, Google, Cloudera, Carnegie-Mellon, and Stanford will be on hand to talk data. The Summit, by the way, has been organized by O’Reilly Media’s Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Ben Lorica.

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Seven Free Data Wrangling Tools

800px-CATTLE_DRIVE_ON_RANCH_-_NARA_-_543776 (1)

Reformatting, de-duping, merging, and filtering are just some of the functions that go under the broad category of data wrangling. It’s all the scrubbing and cleaning that data scientists apply to raw data before it’s ready for real analysis. Even The New York Times ran an article about this less glamorous side of Big Data, […]

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