More on Chargebacks: Easing Towards Usage-based Storage Costs

Chargebacks have always been a contentious part of corporate life. It’s not that managers aren’t accustomed to working within budgets and approving invoices for outside vendors. But paying for an internal service?  A typical line of business manager’s reaction is that chargebacks amount to a ‘bunch of bean counting’ that serves no useful purpose. But…

AD domain naming

Active Directory Domain Naming Best Practices

When you’re naming domains, it should be planned as carefully as you would in naming your first child – of course I’m exaggerating – but it’s worth planning carefully.  For those of you who fail to heed this advice, we’ll be writing a tutorial on how to rename a domain shortly. Before we discuss current…


Chargebacks: IT Gets Some Respect

According to a certain point of view, IT departments, along with other shared services—legal, HR, marketing, customer support and any other group that doesn’t have sales in its name—are cost centers. And these shared services are funded by the profit centers that generate money for the business. Of course, the profit centers can’t operate without…


Tips From the Pros: Sharing 250 Million Folders With 100,000 Users

Q: How many users and how much data are you managing?

We have in excess of 100,000 actual people, 1.5 million accounts in AD, and 250,000,000 data folders.


Secrets of Active Directory Lockouts: How to Find Apps with Stale Credentials

No one needs to tell IT admins what’s on their short list of headaches: users forgetting their passwords usually ranks number one. For those who demand documented proof, there are survey results here to validate this point. Closely related, and just behind in terms of frequency and irritation level, are account lockouts. In an earlier…


Top 10 Active Directory Tutorials on the Web

We’ve all heard of the many benefits of Active Directory (AD) for IT admins– it makes your job simpler because there’s a central vault of user information, and it’s scalable, supporting millions of objects in a single domain. However, it can be a pain in the ACLs to implement and maintain—a cluttered, misconfigured AD can…


On Authentication

The basis of any modern security system is authentication—ensuring someone is who they say they are.  By far, the most prevalent means of authentication in use today was invented in the 1960s: the username and password. In the ensuing five decades, so much has changed: computers aren’t kept in glassed off rooms, hard drives aren’t the size of…


Why It Matters: Varonis Data Governance Suite

One of my favorite things about working for Varonis is that we let our products do the talking.  All of our products are free to try.  We want people to get real, quantifiable value before they pull out their wallet and spend a dollar with us. On rare occasion, for one reason or another, an…

Tips From The Pros: Streamlined Group Structure for 4500 Users

Another from our Tips interviews with working IT professionals.  
Q: How many users and how much data are you managing?

A: Currently, we have about 4500 people in our research department, and about 150TB of data, which we just moved from EMC Celerra NAS devices to EMC Isilon.

Tips From The Pros: Organizing Access For 15TB of File Data

More from our Tips interviews with working IT professionals.  

Tell me about your environment—how many users, how much data, etc.?

 A: We have over 600 users and 15TB of shared CIFS data. We have a single domain that contains over 1000 security groups.