Big Data Recommendations Engine for Data Access

Could you imagine the web without personalized recommendations? Amazon tells us what new books to buy Spotify tells us what music to listen to Netflix tells us which movies to watch Foursquare tells us where to eat and what to order …but what about a recommendations engine for data access? As users move through an…


Memory Technology Keeps Pace With the Big Data Explosion

Steve Fingerhut is a VP of Marketing at SanDisk.  In his inaugural guest blog post for the Metadata Era, Steve discusses how enhancing existing server investments with solid-state memory can speed up Big Data analytics while keeping costs in check.


How Big Data Challenges the Fourth Amendment

I came across an article recently about how the Santa Cruz Police Department was experimenting with big data analytics to help fight crime. They were experiencing a perfect storm– 30% increase in crime and a 20% decrease in police staff.  But they responded in an interesting way: by using predictive-analytics software to estimate where home,…


5 Things Privacy Experts Want You to Know About Wearables

There’s been a lot of news lately in the health and fitness wearables space. Apple just announced they’re releasing an app, called “Health,” as well as a cloud-based platform “Health Kit”. Somewhat related, Nike recently pulled the plug on its activity tracking Fuelband. The conventional wisdom is that fitness trackers are on the decline, while…

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The Expanding Data Universe

It’s June and half of the year is almost over. So it’s a good time for a data growth reality check.  Nearly every week, we continue to see validation in our news feed about how data is on an  exponential growth curve. Here’s more evidence: while “only” 4.4 Zettabytes of data was generated in 2013,…

3 Challenges for the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet)

3 Challenges for the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet)

Have you noticed that a lot of health information created daily during patient visits is still not digitized? And if it is, the opportunities to use this data for research and for prevention are often missed because the networks that store this data cannot easily collaborate or communicate with each other. Finally, at the end…


Enterprise Search: Diving into the Index, Part I

In my posts on enterprise search, I talked about some of the higher-level issues in turning classic web-based search into a product for the business space. To summarize, while enterprise search isn’t like the World Wide Web, it is still a Big Data problem. Just as with web search, it requires metadata—in this case, file…