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Isis PharmaceuticalsToday we’re proud to share that Isis Pharmaceuticals is using its DatAdvantage to manage and monitor file access activity.

Isis Pharmaceuticals is the leader in anti-sense drug development with a broad pipeline of drugs that are applicable to many different disease targets including cardiovascular, metabolic, severe and rare diseases, and cancer. Its anti-sense technology provides a direct route from genes to drugs with the opportunity to dramatically improve industry drug discovery productivity.

Using the intelligence collected by DatAdvantage Isis is able to determine who has access to any particular folder. Conversely it can also be used to discover which folders a user or group has access to. Now when Shannon gets a service request from a user that needs access to a folder, she can see instantly what needs to be changed with the process reduced to just five minutes.

“If I want to add any user to a group, I can see exactly what they will have access to on the file shares when the change is made. I can also see which permissions each user has, and even which permissions he does or does not inherit. Without DatAdvantage I had no way to find this out.”

— Shannon McVeigh, Infrastructure Support,
Isis Pharmaceuticals

Read the full case study here.

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