Are We Smarter than a Turkey?

One of my favorite parts of Nassim Taleb’s The Black Swan, a book about how highly improbable and unpredictable events can have massive impact, was the story about the turkey. The idea was that if you were a turkey you might believe that your masters are nice benign folks that mean you no harm because…

Ponemon Institute

Corporate Data: A Protected Asset or a Ticking Time Bomb?

How many days pass between big, publicized security breaches now? Not many. You’ve probably been worried about the state of data security, but you’re going to be surprised at just how out of control things really are. We asked the Ponemon Institute to survey employees and IT people from organizations large and small. Their eye-opening…

Varonis Perspective on the Sony Breach

While we have few details on the Sony Pictures attack itself, this very public breach (or pwning in hacker slang) has shown the extent of the actual exposure—it is massive. The always informative Krebs knows, at this point at least, as much as the rest of us—possible North Korean connection and perhaps the use of destructive erase-all malware….


Six Enterprise IT Predictions for 2015

1. Massive breaches will be caused by negligent employees and needlessly excessive data access privileges.  Much attention is paid to the role of cyber criminals but the far more common threat begins with well-intentioned employees. Next week Varonis will announce the findings of a survey we recently conducted with the Ponemon Institute in which 2,000…


Please Vote for Varonis in the SC Magazine Awards!

Dear Metadata Readers, When you have a moment please support Varonis by voting for us in SC Magazine’s 2015 *SC Awards. We’re nominated in the following Reader’s Trust Categories: Best Identity Management Solution: Varonis DataPrivilege Best Email Security Solution: Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange Best DLP Solution: Varonis IDU Classification Framework Only subscribers of SC Magazine…

Unique Offerings + Rapid Growth = Prestigious Industry Recognition for Varonis

Much of the recent talk in the IT industry has revolved around the fates of traditional IT giants. Rumors of mergers, breakups, and divestments often miss one of the underlying factors creating this turbulence: customers want innovation and they are finding it with fresh approaches from newer players. Our relentless passion to innovate for our…

60% of Our EMC World Survey Has 30TB of Human-Generated Data; 42% Can Access It …

We did a quick, informal survey at EMC World to get a sense of the state of cloud-based file sync in organizations that are likely to store large amounts of data. From our 300 responses, we can summarize the situation like this: terabytes of data reside in the enterprise, but it’s siloed and hard to…


Tips From the Pros: Sharing 250 Million Folders With 100,000 Users

Q: How many users and how much data are you managing?

We have in excess of 100,000 actual people, 1.5 million accounts in AD, and 250,000,000 data folders.


Tips From the Pros: 30TB, 1300 Users, and 400 SMB Shares

Q: How many users do you have and how much data are you managing?

A: We have about 1300 users and about 30TB of human generated data on file shares and SharePoint.