Tips From the Pros: Sharing 250 Million Folders With 100,000 Users

Q: How many users and how much data are you managing?

We have in excess of 100,000 actual people, 1.5 million accounts in AD, and 250,000,000 data folders.


Tips From the Pros: 30TB, 1300 Users, and 400 SMB Shares

Q: How many users do you have and how much data are you managing?

A: We have about 1300 users and about 30TB of human generated data on file shares and SharePoint.

Tips From The Pros: Streamlined Group Structure for 4500 Users

Another from our Tips interviews with working IT professionals.  
Q: How many users and how much data are you managing?

A: Currently, we have about 4500 people in our research department, and about 150TB of data, which we just moved from EMC Celerra NAS devices to EMC Isilon.

Tips From The Pros: Organizing Access For 15TB of File Data

More from our Tips interviews with working IT professionals.  

Tell me about your environment—how many users, how much data, etc.?

 A: We have over 600 users and 15TB of shared CIFS data. We have a single domain that contains over 1000 security groups.

Tips From the Pros: Best Practices for Managing Large Amounts of Shared Data

In our “Tips from the Pros” series, we’ll be the presenting interviews we’ve conducted with working IT professionals. These are the admins and managers responsible for security, access, and control of  human-generated data—the fast growing digital element in organizations today. In this inaugural post, we spoke recently with one of our customers about managing large…

5 Step SharePoint Migration Plan

Creating SharePoint sites and libraries is pretty simple. Getting the right data to those sites and libraries isn’t that simple, especially if you want to make sure that only the right people have access once it’s there and that data currently lives in file shares and/or in other domains. Which data do you move? What…

How the biggest DDOS attack in history could have been easily avoided, or not

The recent DDOS attacks aimed at Spamhaus hammer home three very important points that we must learn in our new digital society:  1.) How dependent we are on digital communication, 2.) How interdependent our networks have become, and 3). How drastic the consequences are when basic “blocking and tackling” measures are not taken. This particular…

Case Study: Isis Pharmaceuticals and Varonis DatAdvantage

Today we’re proud to share that Isis Pharmaceuticals is using its DatAdvantage to manage and monitor file access activity. Isis Pharmaceuticals is the leader in anti-sense drug development with a broad pipeline of drugs that are applicable to many different disease targets including cardiovascular, metabolic, severe and rare diseases, and cancer. Its anti-sense technology provides a…