21 Free Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know

Check out our favorite free sysadmin tools that we use to help us work faster and be more awesome. At Varonis we’re always looking for productivity hacks—whether it be keyboard shortcuts or meditation techniques.  Last week, a bunch of us got together and shared our favorite free sysadmin tools—ones we love and use all time….


DatAnywhere Success Story: ATMI

ATMI, an Entegris company, is a leader in advanced materials and material delivery systems serving the exacting demands of the semiconductor and electronics industries. To allow employees to share large files and collaborate without moving large amounts of sensitive data from existing file servers onto a public cloud, the ATMI IT department turned to Varonis…

4 Things You Need to Know About the Future of File Sharing

Have you been in this movie? You’ve been working for two months on a big project to analyze widgets — sales, marketing effectiveness, whatever. The first real deliverable is a presentation. A few versions are in your team’s shared folder, a few copies have been sent via email, one is in your home folder, your designer…


3 Deadly File Permissions Mistakes

Scarily, in most organizations people have access to much more information than they need in order to do their jobs.  With file permissions, it’s easy to mess things up and hard to find and fix problems, especially in large environments.  One tiny mistake can cause a ripple effect across terabytes of data, opening up a…


The Security Chaos Monkey

Jon Oltsik wrote a great article in Network World recently championing the importance of end user involvement in a company’s IT security strategy.  He acknowledges that employees are often a company’s own worst enemy, frequently scorned by their IT overlords. But Olstik argues that CISOs should instead directly enlist them to help build a security-minded…

File Shares

Which Cloud File Sharing Service Should You Use?

Many companies with massive amounts of file share data are scrambling to find cloud file storage that meets their highly specialized needs, all while balancing security, convenience, and cost. But what if we flip the problem on its head? Instead of abandoning battle-tested file shares, what if we enhance their capabilities?

Preventing Data Leaks with Enterprise Search

A major concern in deploying enterprise search is that people will now be able to find documents that they shouldn’t have had access to in the first place. DatAnswers leverages Varonis’ security intelligence which identifies when a user has access to files that they don’t need in order to do their job, and can exclude…

Fast and Efficient Enterprise Search

Because DatAnswers knows which files have been created or modified since its last crawl, its incremental indexing is much faster than traditional search engines that have to check the last modified date on every file during each incremental crawl. Why is DatAnswers fast and efficient?    

Making Enterprise Search Results Relevant

Unlike the Internet where there are links between pages, the files within a file system don’t have that many clues about which files are the most useful or relevant for a given topic and a given searcher. Because DatAnswers incorporates access activity in its search algorithms, it can produce more relevant results based on a…

File sync and mobile access for file shares

IT admins in the enterprise that wrestle with Dropbox and BYOD know that “dude, just go cloud!” is not as simple as it sounds. Any savvy IT architect knows that it’s not simply about moving the bits across a wire.  For many companies, uprooting their file share data means pulling the plug on tried and…