New Updates to the CIS Critical Security Controls

If you haven’t already heard, the Top 20 Critical Security Controls has a new name. Last year, after the Center for Internet Security(CIS) integrated with the Council on Cybersecurity, the controls have been renamed to be the (CIS) Critical Security Controls. In addition to a new name, these controls have also been reordered to address […]

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Lawyers, Files, and Money


After two days of being around attorneys, judges, and legal technologists, I saw a few legal truths very close up. I had always heard from my lawyer friends about billable hours, but it’s clear from LegalTech that it’s almost the prime directive for law firms. So if you tell a partner why she should encrypt […]

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Bring your Geek to Court

geek to work

It’s LegalTech week. That’s the annual gathering in NYC where attorneys, corporate counsels, and IT people meet to discuss ediscovery, predictive coding, and whether it’s safe to delete a file. My first morning session was a keynote panel discussion that featured five federal judges. It was fascinating to hear these legal eagles discuss a wide […]

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Identity Theft Complaint? Tell the FTC!


Hackers steal information about you, and unfortunately it’s often months later that the company realizes there’s been a breach. But in the meantime, identity thieves use your PII to open new credit card accounts, file false tax returns, or commit medical insurance fraud, as well as make fraudulent charges on existing credit card accounts. Like […]

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7ev3n Demands a Whopping 13 Bitcoins to Decrypt Your Data


7ev3n is a new ransomware that encrypts your data and demands 13 bitcoins – or approximately $5,000USD – to decrypt your files. It’s the largest ransom we’ve seen to date for ransomware. 7ev3n not only encrypts your files, it also modifies your computer’s system settings so that your keyboard and system recovery options are disabled. […]

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Celebrating Privacy Day [INFOGRAPHIC]


Data Privacy Day is an “effort held annually on Jan. 28 to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information.” That’s a concept we approve of! Of, course, there are many ways to create privacy awareness. You could, for example, go over to your IT department to ask why data and privacy […]

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Poll: Users Cause IT the Most Pain


We know you’re all curious about the results of our IT Pain Point poll from December. The numbers are in, and we now can say the top three sources of extreme distress for IT people. The answers are: users (24%), tech hype (18%) and, in a tie for third place, management and money (7%). You […]

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And Hotels Have WiFi Issues Too!


I would like to say that hotel data security problems just end at compromised PoS systems. Unfortunately, the headlines tell another story. Last year, researchers at a security firm discovered a serious vulnerability in a router commonly used by hotels. The researchers noted that one of the processes running on some models of an InnGate […]

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How Do I Get My CEO to Take Data Security Seriously?

palm face

Let’s give IT and Infosec people some credit. They knew organizations were at risk for data breaches long before it started making headlines. And they are coming around to seeing that security starts from the inside out. But a common problem for IT is that they need help convincing the C-level suite about the bottom-line […]

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The Hotel Industry Has a PoS Malware Problem


Am I the only one finding the recent upsurge in hotel data breaches troubling at some primal level? You’re in a vulnerable position as a traveler, and you want to believe the suite you’ve booked is your castle. And a secure one – doors often have multiple locks, rooms have those teeny safes for storing […]

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